Tuesday, September 8, 2009

that explains a lot

Recently, I was reading an article entitled "Gifted People and Their Problems" which I received from my daughter's new gifted program at school. This list of "problems" hit strangely close to home. It claims a gifted child may:

-get bored with routine tasks [mopping and other housework anyone?]
-resist changing away from interesting topics or activities
-be overly critical of self and others, impatient with failure, perfectionistic [the root of all my relationship problems]
-disagree vocally with others, argue with teachers
-make jokes or puns at times adults consider inappropriate [especially bad when you hold a leadership calling at church]
-be so emotionally sensitive and empathetic that adults consider it an overreaction, may get angry, or cry when things go wrong or seem unfair
-ignore details, turn in messy work [why I will never be an excellent painter or seamstress]
-reject authority, be non-conforming, stubborn
-dominate or withdraw in cooperative learning situations

All this time I've been blaming myself for my inability to overcome certain weaknesses of mine, when I really could have blamed my dad, who I inherited my genius-ness from.  This explained so much for me. And I made Mr. Coleman read it too so he could appreciate what I'm dealing with a little more.

In other news, I bought my first pair of skinny jeans, which I photographed myself in, and wore out in public. But I still think they emphasize everything I hate about my body. I really bought them to wear with my tall boots. I think that may be the only legitimate reason for wearing them.


  1. Thanks for posting the issues with gifted kids. Our oldest has many of those attributes & it helps to understand him a little better.

    The Skinny jeans look great but I thought you were anti Skinny jeans.

  2. Yeah, that does explain a lot for me. That's why I feel like I'm wasting away at work right now. ;)

    I'm glad you could help yourself by reading this list and others too.

    The jeans look great on you. You have the perfect body shape for them. :) Just don't conform to the 80s style please! That's where I draw the line.

  3. Hmmm, that explains a lot for me too. We're just too smart for our own good.

    I am in shock about the skinny jeans. But the truth is they look great, so get over it and keep wearing them.

  4. Ah....interesting stuff. I love that you made hubby read it. It's nice when you can say, see this is me, this is why I act the way I do.
    You caved on the jeans eh? Are you just as excited as me for fall? Or are you a winter girl awaiting the time to wear those tall boots?

  5. I told Ryan the other day that all my jeans are skinny jeans. The thing is, they aren't supposed to be.

  6. Since I'm not even close to your genious-ness, what's my excuse for not finishing anything well? Laziness, I was afraid of that. :)

    You look fabulous, as always. I will not covet you fitting into those skinny jeans, because if I really wanted to, I'd have to run as much as you, and that's not happening!

  7. I don't consider any of those attributes you describe as being negative, it's just the way you have to deal with the world sometimes.

  8. Interesting... sorry you and your children have to suffer through that.

    Instead of calling you a hypocrite, I'll just tell you those jeans look super cute on you. I'm still pretty amazed you a.) bought some, b.) wore them and c.) admitted it to the world. :)

  9. and...I apparently am not gifted. :(
    *except the emotional part. my poor mr. mike.
    your mr. coleman is one lucky man!
    You look amazing in your skinny jeans. I don't think I can be with you when you are in your skinny jeans...you are too darling.

  10. I can't believe you caved on the jeans. Have you no shame? I guess anybody can be bought with a price.

    J/K if anyone can pull them off it's you and you do. I love the idea of getting to wear boots again.

    Heavenly Father put us on this earth to have trials. So being too smart is your burden to bare huh? I can relate.