Friday, September 18, 2009


Anna, Angela and I outside Pita Jungle

The morning I arrived at my mom's house in AZ, my sister Anna showed up. 

"What do you want to do while you're here?" she asked.

"Nothing. Except I want to eat out for every meal," I replied. She laughed but I was serious. And I did. Except breakfast and on Sunday. It was awesome.

Because I am choosing to do other things with my time [or possibly I am just feeling lazy], I am not going to do much of a post about our trip. And why should I when Anna has graciously recorded it all here for me to link too?

If you would like to see pictures of swimming, the zoo, the best restaurants in Mesa, and a jar of glow-in-the-dark scorpions, you should click that link.

I just wanted to recap the trip by saying when I am with my family I feel the most like myself. Sometimes I start to feel like I might be a little crazy. Because I bake my own bread, because I decide to do a detox cleanse and shop at thrift stores, because I like to argue with people and blurt out jokes at inappropriate times, because I buy agave nectar and have adult ADD. And then I hang out with my family and it all seems so normal. So right. So much like home.

I love you all, family. You are the best. Thank you for dropping everything while I was there.

Angela: thank you for taking work off all day Friday and showing me the best thrift shops. you made me feel more special than the Special Olympics.

Clint: thank you for playing double catch with me and trying to convince me that Dumb and Dumber is funny. 

Jason: thanks for going to QT with me.

Anna: thank you for taking me to the zoo in 112° weather and making me feel like you had nothing better to do than hang out with me every second I was there. And for being my photographer.

Mom: thanks for letting me feel right at home at your house. My kids think all grandmas have roller coasters in their kitchens. And for inviting me because I probably would have just stayed in Utah crying myself to sleep.

Lilly: thanks for letting me sleep in your pristine, brand new room before you even got a chance. It felt a little like heaven.

Dad: you work too much. One word: retirement

Ryan: thanks for having an "argument" with Mom about lock jaw. I still think it's funny, weeks later. And that doesn't mean I am picking sides here. Also, you are a beautiful father of four beautiful girls. If Mr. Coleman and I ever die, you will have 8 kids to raise. Have you thought about that recently?

Steven: I don't have to say it, do I? Thanks for being the one to listen to my problems and crying with me, and being my date because Mr. Coleman had to stay and work in Utah.

You all showered me with love and made me feel like the center of attention. I love you.


  1. This is a very thoughtful post. I'm glad you can feel "normal" or like yourself when you're around your family. :)

  2. Please take into consideration how many little children I already have before you decide to die.

  3. I'm glad you were able to come. It meant a lot. Sorry I wasn't the best socializer (I almost wrote socialist as my word, but I'm far from that). I wish I could have gone out with you guys more. Maybe next visit.

    And something to think about, if something does happen to you and my sister Kari, then technically it would be pretty much like having triplets, twins, quads, and 3 singletons. And we would love them all dearly. But, nothing is going to happen.

    However, for future summers, if you wanted to play dead for a few days and go on a vacation with just you and Mr. Coleman then we would be happy to try our hand at 8 kids. (The thing is, your mom might steal them from me during those days anyways, so maybe I'll never know what it's like having 8 :)

  4. Why do so many of your posts make me cry? Select the best answer.

    A.) The older I get, the more I miss you (obviously b/c the older I get, the wiser I get and consequently I realize how cool you are).

    B.) You talk about our family a lot and your words are always how I feel... but what you express with words I only know how to express with tears.

    C.) So much of what you say makes me laugh until my eyes are wet ("I like to argue with people and blurt out jokes at inappropriate times").

    D.) All of the above.

    PS I don't have anything better to do when you're in town...

  5. i loved every minute of having you here.

    and i'm with anna, your posts always make me cry. you have a way with words.