Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Coleman Dozen

Twelve years with Mr. Coleman. If only we knew what we were getting into. Two of the world's most stubborn spirits and look what love has taught us: patience, forgiveness, hope, tenderness—for each other and ourselves. There is no one else I'd rather take that journey with.

The power of love to heal our hurts and hearts is very real. Thank you, Mr. Coleman for loving me the last dozen or so years. You have given me a gift that I am not sure I can repay. I love you.

To include all my dear readers in the celebration, please enjoy my current favorite love song:

photo by Brook Andreoli Photography

Thursday, August 27, 2009

letter to summer

Dear Summer:

I think you can tell that I am mad at you. Things just haven't been the same between us for awhile.

First there was June, in which you wouldn't stop raining and refused to let the sun shine. I blame you for all my plant problems this year. You have given me nothing but diseased leaves and hordes of gray beetles every where I look. I don't even like to look at my plants anymore. You even killed my zuchinni plant which I previously assumed was impossible.

And then there was July, in which you turned my angelic offspring into Jerry Springer Talk Show participants. All I heard was fighting and tattling. You did this. Never again will I trust you to provide endless hours of entertainment for my children. Never again.

And do we really need to talk about August? I thought we were going to work things out when you got me nice and tan in Arizona. But then you decided to masquerade as Fall for a few weeks. I shivered and wore hoodies, all the while stuffing my resentment in hopes we could work things out.

But I have news for you. The kids are back in school, my house is back in order,  and I've found someone new. His name is Fall.

I think we should just be friends. Keep in touch and stay sweet.

Until next year,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

piling up

Things are really piling up around here, including my to-be-read list. For a few weeks I was so stressed and over-scheduled that I couldn't even settle my mind down enough to read. But things are starting to settle down. Things I need to post about still:

highlights from my trip to arizona
lucas' 3rd  birthday
thoughts on being married for 12 years
notes from a family-friendly-nutrition class i taught
coaching micah's soccer team
the first day of school
adeiu to summer

For now, this picture of all my books to read will have to do. Between getting kids ready to start school, designing a website, clearing up some errors on our credit report, learning how to coach soccer, and playing text twist there has been no time for blogging. I wonder which one of those things I could give up to allow more time for blogging? 

Saturday, August 15, 2009

fashion shudder

I finally found a fashion trend I dislike more than voluminous, dressy shorts or skinny jeans.

Harem pants. **shudder**

I don't think I could possibly continue a relationship with anyone who supports this fashion.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

silver lining

Currently waiting for my photographer to send me a cd of all the pictures she took for us on our AZ trip. In the meantime, I am listening to:

Rilo Kiley - Sliver Lining.

Enjoy, and then pay for your own because you love it so much and deep down  you are an honest person. I bought it for FIVE CENTS at

Things I'd like to remember about our trip: good food, lots and lots of sun, Mom's hat at the Phoenix Zoo, the perfect orange skirt at the thrift store, movies [good and bad. I still stand firm on my opinion of Dumb and Dumber], trips to QT, hummingbirds on my morning runs, baby girl twins—squared, and crying with Steven on Mom's bed the day before I left [another reminder that hope is still alive and the power of prayer is tangibly real].

Photo taken on our trip home between Flagstaff and Page somewhere near the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.