Tuesday, August 31, 2010

reap and sow

I am in love with our pattypan squash. Planted from seeds this spring. And it never gets old seeing it in the garden. So cute.

Monday, August 30, 2010

next chapter

All the peeps in school for 9 hours each week. Now what?

I've only had 12 years to think about it. On to the next chapter.

If you're planning on calling or stopping by Monday, Wednesday, Friday between noon and 3:00 pm, I'll be unavailable. So, hush... I'm writing.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

crown of stars

these past weeks i have felt: dashed upon, swallowed up in the depths, left gaping open, carved hollow, lost.

then, star by star, the light appeared. my crown of stars. consisting of past hours spent in prayer and meditation, the truest of friends, priesthood blessings, inspired counsel, a mother who knows, covenants made and kept.

now, my crown of stars has helped see me through the night. the lesson i will continue to learn throughout my life: patience. because "the hour is not yet", but it has been promised to me that it will come.

and it will be worth it.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

a post for jenni

Remember how I promised a souvenir to whomever guessed all the places we were headed on our vacation? And then I hardly ever blogged after that?


Lots of things going on over here, but I didn't forget you, readers. Or you, blog. Or you, Jenni.

Jenni, congratulations. You were the first responder to my post and I got you this little lovely dream catcher from a sweet little Navajo grandma. (Even though we went to the Apache Indian Reservation, and dream catchers originated with the Ojibwe tribe.) I hope you like it. I'll bring it with me the next time we get together. And I hope it catches all your bad dreams.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


best vacation of my life, so far. so many memories made, so many people i love, and so many miles driven. my van and i are on a break.

worst drivers: nevada. also, people become hard of hearing when you show up to the breakfast buffet with 1 adult and 4 children. ONE adult? yes. FOUR children? yes, people. i know.

to attract attention, i like to borrow my nephew as well and head to the beach.

then take them all to sea world, BY MYSELF.

it's okay, because a few days later we headed to one of the most beautiful places on earth: hawley lake, az.

where i sat and did nothing for about 4 days. surrounded by the people i love best in the world. best family reunion ever.

mr. coleman flew in for the event, where he had a narrow escape from dying of boredom, but i like to think it was worth it because it prevented him from missing us to death the 3 weeks we were gone.

the last week we spent in mesa, az at my parents' house, because really, can you think of a better time of year to spend a full week in arizona? actually it was pretty amazing: monsoon lightning storms, haboobs, bahama bucks, swimming, all-you-can-eat-crab (!), and qt.

i have to confess that the best part of my trip was when my brother ryan shared this double rainbow video with me. and then this song. it is still making me laugh everyday. go check it out. then come back. i'll still be here.

after sunday family dinner we were entertained by a magic show

and then glow sticks. never gets old.

the ride home was gorgeous. i love the little peek of the north rim of the grand canyon here. {photo by micah}. it is great to be back. i love my state and city and grocery store* and home more than i ever have. it doesn't hurt to have had incredible weather every day since we've been home.

utah summer: i just can't quit you. next year we're staying home.

*does your grocery store have men in dress shirts and ties that carry umbrellas and escort you to your car in a summer rainstorm? mine does. i love nice people.