Friday, September 4, 2009

My baby is three. Here is the recent transcript from an interview with said three-year-old:

Me: Lucas, did you have a birthday?
Lucas: Ya 
**singing "happy birthday to you"**
Me: What did you do for your birthday?
Lucas: I didn't do anything. Mom, look at these letters. Big huge circle.
**drawing on paper**
Me: Tell me what it's like to be three.
Lucas: I'm gonna color you, your face. I'm gonna kill you, mom. 
**takes a drink of root beer, then starts singing "happy birthday" again.**

Well, that about sums up Lucas. 

Also, if you make cupcakes and find that they have spread all over the pan and created a ginormous mess, just double the frosting and hope that no one notices. It worked for us.


  1. lucas is awesome. i loved when we called to sing happy birthday and he was singing it along with us. then kept going and going.

  2. You know, I could listen to your stories all day. I think you are fascinating.

    Way to turn those cupcakes into a workable solution.:)

    From the stories I've heard of Lucas this is spot on right? Funny kid.

  3. Three is such a fun age... it's a constant toss up between hugging them and stringing them up by their toenails!
    I'm glad the cupcakes worked out. The flags are really cute. Hopefully none of them caught on fire.