Monday, September 28, 2009

Flash Back Week #2: 1984

Idaho, summer 1983: me, my cousin Kristie and my sister Emily

March 1984: I was in the second half of first grade. My cousins had come to live with us after my aunt and uncle died. I moved into a new neighborhood, a new house, a new school. My teacher, Mrs. Owens, was a bright memory during a scary time. She had a curly mullet of black hair, a ready smile, and I loved her fiercely. She told me I should be an author when I grow up. I still remember. I hope you enjoy this lovely illustrated novel.

The Girl Who Lost Her Glasses
by Rachel Anne Melzer

Once upon a time there lived a little girl. In her land everybody had one heart shaped eye. That girl was spoiled because she got everything she wanted. She asked her mom for some money.

Her mom said yes, of course. So she went to the store and bought some glasses. She liked them a lot but one day she lost them at the park. She was looking for them and she found them!

But she was so sad still because they were cracked in the middle. She cried and cried but she got a new pair, of course, and she was so happy! And her glasses were too.


  1. This flash back week is just getting better and better. We should compare our art when I was that age and I think our college majors would've been pretty apparent even then. :)

  2. awesome. i can't wait until you're a published author and i can read more of your books (it's only a matter of time).

  3. angela: "it's only a matter of time" i hope so. but hopefully you won't wait until i'm published to read work of my work in progress.

  4. That is so great Rachel! I love the perfect understanding of a good story... background info, conflict, and resolution. Now all I need to know is where I get a pair of glasses like that!

  5. Why don't you write a series of novels about wizards and the struggle between good and evil, set in England? What a second, I think someone stole my idea!