Monday, September 21, 2009

In my perfect world

It would always be 11:00 am.
I could do all the things that require my creative energy when I have the biggest burst of it. I could: write, read, design, attend ballet class, and clean the house at the perfect time every day.

There would be 5 more closets in my house.
One for linens; one for games; one for cleaning supplies like brooms, mops, and vacuums; one for coats; and one empty one so I would have a place to cram everything into when someone shows up unexpectedly at my house.

We would have time and money.
It seems when we have one, we don't have the other.

How about you? What would your perfect world be like?

image from this etsy seller and appropriately titled: head in the clouds


  1. Um, you don't need the closet to cram all the stuff in when unexpected company shows up. You have your couch for that. ;)

  2. Amen to the time and money one.

    My perfect world would definitely consist of a street with huge lots, each occupied by family.

  3. You hit the nail right on the head: 11am. Not lunch, exercising done, kids dressed, time to do something creative. It's just such a short hour, and I'm in the middle of it right now, choosing to read up on those I stalk. Now. If only the children knew that it was that magical time when they needed to be content without another drink, a game to play with me (which is not bad), an early lunch, a snack, a toy from a sibling, a restless need to whine, a clean diaper -- can't they feel that zing in the air that means it's magic time? Maybe they can.

  4. In my perfect world, the floors would clean themselves, there would be no mosquitos, I wouldn't get cancer from spending too much time in the sun, and chocolate would not make me break out or gain weight. :)
    Wouldn't that be great??