Friday, June 1, 2012

Midlife Crisis In Two Parts

Part One: Hair Extensions

So, I've been keeping a secret. A few, really. I've been taking some supplements to help with hormone levels and energy levels, and it's really changed my life the last year or so and allowed me to feel like myself again.


The changing/adjusting hormone levels made my hair fall out. Not just the "Oh gross, l've created another hair ball in the shower" type, but the balding type. 

Yeah. Bald patches.

So for about one day I decided to stop taking the medicine. Because I am at least half vain. Then I realized that was ridiculous. So I decided to do another ridiculous thing. Can't you just see the excellent logical thinking I have! I decided to get hair extensions.

And so I did. They are super long and I love them and hate them. I'd love to answer any questions you may have about them in the comments. That is the end of Part One. 

Part Two: NYC

This isn't a secret! I am headed to NYC early, early Saturday morning to spend a week with two girlfriends. I am ecstatic. I keep thinking of that saying: She turned her can'ts into cans, and her dreams into plans. It's taken a lot of work and saving and patience, but it is happening!

And what better way to celebrate than with another completely ridiculous post about what I'll be wearing. It's my midlife crisis. I can do what I want.
1. Saturday: Plane ride. Hot pink Isle Esme shirt. Something book-related seemed appropriate since we are headed to the world's largest publishing expo for a few days.

2. Sunday: Church, then the Met, the Moma and the NYC Public Library.

3. Every day: Running. Would you be brave enough to run alone in central park?

4. Monday: Bike riding, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge at sunset.

5. Tuesday: BEA! and the Teen Author Carnival. Hoping to pick up an ARC of Ally Condie's REACHED, Maggie Steivater's THE RAVEN BOYS, and of course, Shannon Hale's PALACE OF STONE.

6. Wednesday: more BEA shenanigans. Meeting John Scalzi, Jerry Spinelli, and Libba Bray. 
7. Wednesday Night: BOOK OF MORMON MUSICAL. Okay, I might be more excited about this than anything else. Orchestra seats. Fourth Row. Sparkling/sequins dress that I never wear anywhere.

8. Thursday: Go Yankees! I know almost nothing about pro baseball, but I'm going to a game and so naturally I'm wearing my FDNY shirt. Totally makes sense, right? Also, these are maternity pants. I predict this will become the new hipster trend as soon as the loaded diaper/harem pants phase out.

9. Friday: No idea. Perhaps we should get a plan together? Regardless, I kind of want to wear my cowgirl-ish boots in the city. What should we do Friday? Eat ourselves sick?

10. Saturday: Plane ride home, in my hippie dress of course.

Please pray for us that we don't get mugged, lost, or too much rain.

I'll be documenting my travels on Instagram. My username is rachelandcompany. Peace out.