Friday, April 30, 2010

before + after: what to do with 2 hours on a saturday

i love a good before + after picture. welcome to my first of many.

my pantry has been a mess for awhile. i finally decided to do something about it when i saw some sea grass storage boxes in the clearance section at target. now if only i could get three or four more...

it's nice to know where everything is. (and wow, i have four containers of nutella. how did it come to this?) this method is a lot easier and A LOT less expensive than filling matching plastic boxes with cereal and pasta. what a waste of time. this is much more my style.


  1. That's a good idea. I need a better way to organize our pantry too. Thanks for the idea! :)

  2. I smiled at your before, because maybe in my mind my pantry is organized, but I'll bet it looks more like that. It looks so awesome, Rach. =)

  3. i'm impressed. and not going to let you look in my cupboards if you ever visit me again.

  4. I love organizing cupboards, but rarely do, b/c let's face it, how often do we get a two hour block of time? I love your pantry, before and after. It's just the perfect size.

  5. Looks great, when are you available to come do mine? Seriously, I have a hard time with many spacial activities.
    I don't sew very often because my brain doesn't make the transition from the 2-D pattern to the 3-D project very well. I also have a hard time with 3-D organization like pantries, closets, packing the car, etc... but I'm fantastic at Tetris. Go figure.