Saturday, April 24, 2010

science project

in january casey anne started her science fair project. i had no idea how many great ideas were to be found on the internet.

lesson number one: always dress to impress.

lesson number two: stick to a subject you know a lot about. like this young man. how could he not choose "animal magnetism" as a topic? i mean, really.

lesson number three: if your child's teacher is your archenemy, she will hate your project no matter how sound your science, how well-organized your data, how lovely your layout.

your efforts will be futile.

lesser mortals would have given up far before casey and i did, but we carried on. casey loved her project so much she is still in shock that she only came in second place. (there were 20 first places).


  1. Boo to the archenemy! Ugh! I hate teachers like that. The science fair project looks awesome, and I bet it's really cool too.

  2. How could it not win?????? It is awesome! I would have a smack-down with the teacher. Which would really help. Tell Casey Anne it's getting more fame on the blog than it ever needed in any old science fair. Did I say Fair? I mean Science Subjective.

  3. So you say the teacher hates Casey Ann??? Just remind her that Albert Einstein's fifth grade teacher thought he was retarded and that Thomas Edison's teacher kicked him out of school for asking too many questions. I will deal with the teacher later. Anyone that cannot tell that my granddaughter has the family genius genes shouldn't be allowed around young people. What a fantastic project.

  4. ^i love dad's genius pride.

    the first two photos made me laugh out loud. that kid's mustache! the third photo made me excited to be a mother & help my kids with their science projects. it looks great.

    (also, you probably have arch enemies because you're amazing and pretty much perfect and people are jealous.)

  5. I am not surprised to see the layout is basically perfect. Once again, I feel a little bad for my children that are stuck with my lack of creativity when it comes to projects.

    Dad is really funny.

    Tell Casey Anne I STILL remember my Science Fair project (remember that oil drip pan?) and I STILL think it was a genius idea. I can totally relate to her frustration of not getting first.

    Oh, and tell her it's a bonus that she's smart AND cute.

    Sorry I used so many caps... just wanting to make a few dramatic points. :)