Tuesday, May 4, 2010

race recap

i ran my first half marathon of the year on saturday. also, the first since my toe nerves declared war on me.

it was hard. it rained, hailed and snowed the whole time. i was cold. i bled all over my shoes. i got my worst time yet. the battery on my nike+sensor died. after the race my 11-year-old said to me, "mom, you look like lady gaga."

also, it was fun. i met someone during the race who said, "hey, are you a melzer?" isn't that great? she went to school with my sister and somehow recognized me. we ran together for awhile before i had to slow down. nice to meet you, christy owens.

so, after all that, i've come to realize something: there are two types of people in the world. those that would pay $30 extra to choose their own combo of colors on their running shoes and those that would not. i know what type i am. what type are you?


  1. Depending on my answer, does that tell you whether I'm a quitter? I can just tell you that I would have cried and stopped if I were in your shoes for that race. But, if the shoes question is completely separate from that, then I'd say that I'd prefer to choose the color combo of my shoes, but I'd be okay if I found something I like.

    Great job on finishing the race under the circumstances you described. You're my hero now!

  2. Since I'm not allowed to run anymore (not that I was ever very good at it), I would not spend $30 extra for super cool colors. I'd wear men shoes if they cost less. But what I really want to know is why you were bleeding? Did you loose toe nails? Did you cut your leg? Did your tampon not hold up on you (you can delete my comment if you'd like)? Just wondering. Glad you had fun and are back into the running thang.

  3. she text (texted?) me after the race and told me she ran with you. how fun. someday i'll run one with you?

    and i know you already know which type of person i am...

    i like the shoes. and i never really say that about running shoes.

    ^hahaha to that comment/question above from christie.

  4. Since I don't love running, I wouldn't pay extra money for cool colors... but my shoes do have to "look like me" or I can't wear them. I'm so amazed at you, too, that you finished the race under bleeding circumstances. Bleeding???

  5. Who cares that you had a bad time, I still admire you for running the race. I think I should refer to you as Miss Stamina, Miss Endurance, something like that.

    So the shoes... really, you don't even have to ask me that question. Style vs. saving money, not a battle in my life.