Tuesday, April 27, 2010

virtual dreams (of the pipe variety)

doing a virtual search for posters for micah's room. i love this combo.

his room is still in the drywall stage with no hope of it being finished anytime in the near future. sometimes i search for hardwood that i like, or sofas. also library ladders. because you know, i have a giant collection of shelves that are so tall they require a ladder. (okay, no, i don't.) anyone else do this?


  1. not library ladders. but now you've got me thinking.

    i like that andrew bird poster a lot.

  2. I can't. If I shop, I start thinking of ways to squeeze it into next month's budget, and if I tell Jeff, it's over. Our next date may very well be shopping for such items. For instance... shouldn't have been out shopping, but we were opening the spa, right? So I was at RC Will's in almost every section... within 1 month, I had a new kitchen table I didn't think I would get for a long time, because I made the mistake of showing Jeff what I found.

  3. Daydreams that involve my house pretty much involve me being able to see more than 20% of my bedroom floor. Someday, I tell myself.

    I like the bike and tree. Just in case you were wondering.

  4. Odd, whenever I see robot zombies, I hit the gas.