Friday, June 5, 2009

sensitive soul

Earlier this week Micah and I went on a date to Mimi's Cafe. He was using up the last of his Valentine coupons and also a Free Kids Meal that he had earned from school for being Student of the Month. [We are so proud]. He ordered a hamburger and fries. During the course of our meal I heard him say things like, 

"This hamburger is so gross," and "this food is making my stomach hurt," while clutching his middle and leaning over.

So I was surprised when our waiter came and asked if we needed any boxes and Micah said, "Yes, I do."

After our waiter walked away, I asked Micah why he wanted a box if he disliked his food so much.

"Well," he responded, "I didn't want him to feel bad. I didn't want him to know his food is disgusting."


This morning we are preparing our house for company to arrive. Which means I am using the timer to motivate my kids with threats of extra jobs and endless summer days of groundation if they do not finish cleaning before the timer beeps. Emma is feeling a bit pesty today and has been teasing the other kids relentlessly.

She grabs a stuffed monkey from Micah's room, races into her room and tosses it on her bed while yelling, "This monkey feels good in my room!"

Micah comes into rescue it and says, "Emma, this Monkey doesn't like it in your room. My room has a jungle theme and yours has a cotton candy theme."


Is this typical for an 8 year old boy? I am so glad he is developing a sense of empathy, even for waiters. Emma has pink walls in her room. I guess that's where the cotton candy thought came from. And as far as using words like "theme", perhaps I have spent too much time watching Divine Design. 


  1. He's so sweet.

    Oh how I wish I would be joining the company for which you're preparing... I miss all of you!

  2. Good thing I'm going to see you soon, otherwise this post might have made me miss Micah and your other kids really bad.

  3. What a sweet kid. It's funny the things they pick up on, huh?

    How was the writers workshop?