Friday, June 26, 2009

I Am

I recently read some advice by publisher/author/editor Arthur Levine here on writing. He suggests to ignore the common advice of writing "what you know", and simply write "you".

And it got me thinking.

Who am I really? And what am I writing about?

I am a beginner. I am vulnerability and things not quite figured out. I am blushing embarrassment and not belonging. I am first love discovered and long good byes.

I am mistakes, and regret and a heart ripping in two. I am rage. I am disillusionment, betrayal and the worst kind of fear.

But I am glimmers of hope and humor in dark times. I am treading water and wisdom bought with a price. I am forgiveness given and forgiveness found. And I am joy and contentment and passion. I am myself.

I am a story to be told.


  1. I am smiling and bemused. I am anxious to hear the telling.

  2. And yourself is way cooler than myself.

    Don't you need to come visit so you can see the babies? :)

  3. I am a sister in awe of your writing. That was beautiful.

    (Are you looking forward to all of the "I am" comments?)

  4. You're so inspiring and profound. I love all of your blog posts. I always feel like they put mine to shame. You articulate yourself so well and know exactly how you feel about things. I don't, so I can't be very profound. I often find myself stealing what you say about a book when I'm writing a review and I'm in need of words to describe how I felt about it. You're awesome!

  5. I am astonished by your eloquence. lovely put.