Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It's about time

I can be really indecisive sometimes. Especially when it involves spending money. I don't want to buy something that is low quality, but I hate to spend a lot of money. (According to the Definitions of Rachel "a lot of money" means anything that has to be bought with money from my savings account).

Can  you see the dilemma? 

At our house, picking out dining chairs has been an eleven year process. I saw some chairs that I liked in a Pottery Barn catalogue once, but they were $99. Too much for our budget. Then I saw them at K-Mart for $39. I almost got them one day, but I couldn't bring myself to spend the money. 

Time passed. Our family grew. We used rust, gold, and avocado chairs that family members and neighbors couldn't stand to look at anymore. Seating for six. Six ways. 

I decided it was time to buy the chairs. A slight problem: a company called Emeco had sued K-Mart and Pottery Barn for using their chair design. So they were no longer available there. But, I could get the Emeco brand. Only, the price for the Emeco chairs was $415. Apparently these chairs, the Emeco Navy Chair, is a style icon that has been around since 1944 when they were commissioned by the US Navy.

Still. I laughed out loud. And then I was mad for a couple of years. 415 dollars. 415 dollars! I really didn't think that an aluminum chair was worth $415. Would you pay that much for this chair?

I just couldn't do it. But, I also couldn't find any other chairs I liked. I almost bought some from Ikea. Then I almost bought some from an unfinished wood store. I tried the thrift stores and the classifieds.

But really, let's reason together. We all know the chances of finding some vintage Charles Eames chairs in Utah like my sister did are nigh impossible. 

When our neighbor called and asked for his gold and rust colored chairs back, I knew we had a problem. So I started shopping again. And I finally decided.

It's a new take on the old Navy chair by CB2: the Bandit Chair.

We bought six. And yes, incase you're wondering, I still feel sick to my stomach when I think of how much they cost, all together in a lump sum. I don't know why. However, I think I can live with it. They are 1/4 the price of the Emeco chairs, and I absolutely love them. The kids and Mr. Coleman were lukewarm about them, but I don't get my style advice from them anyway, so they are going to live with them too.

I admit I get a warm fuzzy feeling each time I think about 6 matching dining room chairs. It's about time.


  1. Hooray for new chairs! They look great.

    (And isn't it CRAZY how much some furniture costs? I just don't understand.)

  2. Congratulations!! We're coming up on 11 years next year, Maybe I'll finally get matching chairs...probably not. I like to think of mine as an ecclectic collection.

  3. 415 DOLLARS FOR A METAL CHAIR? I wouldn't even pay that much for a car. Just kidding. I guess when you're rich like me that's really not that much. :)

    I really like your new chairs and they look great in your house.

    I guess I should stop being proud that we spent over a year with a card table and folding chairs for our dining table and chairs, because you definitely have me beat.

  4. Congratulations. What a major milestone you have achieved! They do look nice. I'm glad you have found something you can be happy with. Then again, anything's a step up from rusty folding chairs that don't match.

  5. I think the chairs look great! And I completely understand your dilema. I am sitting on a 50+ year old kitchen chair covered in cracking, poo-brown vinyl because I'm cheap and indecisive. At least I have 4 of these beauties so the ugliness matches!