Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Catch Up #3: The Longest Post in the World

This post should do it: get me all caught up to the current date and bore most of you to tears. Here it is anyway.


Casey Anne's 10th birthday. She enjoyed a quiet family party at home, got tickets to go see BYU's Music Dance Theater Senior Showcase, and made a wish.

Aw. This brings back such fond memories of Spring Break 2009. We celebrated by going swimming (in the indoor Lehi City pool).

Casey plays soccer. Note the mismatched socks. Her choice.

Micah plays soccer. Mr. Coleman coaches and the rest of us get to deal with the aftermath of a 1-15 season. (Yes, that's only one win. Quite a difference from last year, where we only had one loss.)

The night of Father and Sons Outing in which I unashamedly wore my  garden clogs and Forks sweatshirt, Emma cried her eyes out about not being able to go, and Casey took a book along on our trip to eat out.

Emma's preschool graduation and her public speaking debut (after several failed Primary-Talk-Attempts). We topped off the evening by eating at her restaurant of her choice: Cafe Rio. Yum.


The Barratt Elementary Dance Festival.

Casey Anne performs with her theater class, Up With Kids, in the thrilling show Enchanted. She was Maid Marian from Robin Hood. Tiny stage, 400 people in the audience, 2-year-old boy, and the best part: losing 5 pounds from sweating for 2 hours.

Well, that pretty much wraps up our 2009 spring. Looking back I still feel the same. I'm glad it's over!


  1. I love your comment about losing 5 lbs due to sweating so much. I laughed.

  2. That was a great post! I love all the pictures, too. You did a great job.
    How fun to go swimming indoors with so much snow on the ground!

  3. Wow, that's a LOT of pictures for you and I enjoyed every single one of them. And I'm still laughing about your comments regarding Dad's glasses... :)

  4. Glad you made it through safely, especially the garden clogs and Forks sweatshirt. Now that you're all caught up, it's time to start posting about summer!!

  5. I think you should post that many pictures more often.

    I love your new blog header.