Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Down and Derby

Last night our family enjoyed our first Boy Scouts Pinewood Derby as spectators. Mr. Coleman and Micah worked on his truck for about a week. [But, Mr. Coleman actually bought a Pinewood Derby book about a year ago. I think he has been dreaming of this moment for years. He, of course, had to buy a new Dremel tool to complete the project.]

Mr. Coleman helps Micah put his car on the track. Casey (on left) and Micah (on right) watch the cars come down the track. Congratulations to Micah and Mr. Coleman for placing third overall. WOOT!

Emma with her friends.


Micah's fake smile. He was really mad that I made him stop before rushing inside to get a picture. Lucas with his blanky, as usual.

Here is the guy that ran the race for us. He has a computerized track and has written a computer program that clocks the car speeds and keeps track of the winners of each heat. Each boy races on each lane once, for a total of six times. I was really impressed. 

And I kept thinking he looked really familiar. And then it dawned on me...

He looks like a Middle Aged Utah version of Tom Delonge. Who I went to high school with. [Actually two high schools, Poway High School, which we both got kicked out of for the same reason. And then Rancho Bernardo  High School, where we enjoyed hanging out with other punk juvenile delinquents. I remember him playing in a band vaguely, and hanging out sometimes, and some other things which I'm afraid I can't mention in a public blog. Ahem.]

You might know Tom as the lead singer of the pop punk band Blink-182, also of Angels and Airwaves (but as of February, still with Blink 182. Apparently they have reunited).


  1. First, congratulations to Micah and the hubby for coming in third place! Great achievement!

    Second, you went to schools with tom DeLonge? I always thought he was English until I looked him up on Wikipedia about two months ago. I love his voice!

  2. I'm not surprised Micah had a truck... but I am surprised it was fast. Normally the creative ones aren't so fast. Way to go Don and Micah.

    There is a resemblance... that is funny. Really funny. But not as funny as your explanation about you and Tom. Oh, the memories of my older sister. ;)

  3. Miss Rachel....
    Oh the things I learn about you every day! A ballerina who hangs out with the punks and gets kicked out of schools! I had no idea!!! Still love and admire you though. Makes me wish I would have had the cajunas(i totally butchered the spelling of that word ...cuhoonahs...i am sure!) to do something crazy in high school.
    You seriously surprise me every time i talk to you or read your blog. love ya!