Thursday, June 10, 2010


The kids and I took a trip to Zion National Park for Memorial Day weekend. We swam at the pool, ate pizza in our hotel, drove through the tunnels, hiked to waterfalls, and discovered a perfect picnic spot: hidden from the road, tucked in between two towering sandstone cliffs, a floor of fine, cool, white sand.

A refuge.

In this quiet spot I felt an overwhelming sense that this was a tender mercy from a loving Heavenly Father who knew about the burdens and heartache in my life. A time to refresh my spirit and reconnect with my Creator.

And then Micah threw a bloody stump of a lizard tail at me. I laughed more in those three days than I have the last three months.

If you are planning a trip, do stop at the Springdale Fruit Company. They offer sandwiches on focaccia bread, organic produce, and a porch swing.

Skip the Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theater.

Everyone should take a trip to a crowded public place with a three-year-old at least once. And they should ride public transportation. Announcements like: Mom, I just farted! take on another meaning when you are on a crowded shuttle bus with 50 strangers.

It was a great trip. I fell in love with my kids and being a mother all over again. A girl we met at the pool kept telling me how she admired me for "doing it alone with four kids." I smiled but thought to myself: you don't know my kids.


  1. It looks like you had a great time with your kids. I love all your pictures and that sandwich looks delicious (other than the onions and sprouts).

  2. Rachel I love the way you displayed your pictures for this story! I am so happy you took this trip. It's wonderful when you are in love with your children.

  3. beautiful photos, beautiful place, beautiful kids.

    i loved your comment the other day. thanks for always being a reminder to me that motherhood is the best job/best way to create in the world. i cannot wait, and i hope my children are as wonderful as yours. (and that i'm a mother like you.)

  4. I'm still laughing about the bloody lizard stump! It looks beautiful. I'm glad you guys had fun. And that sandwich looks amazing!!

  5. What a fun trip. Hey, I just took a three year old in public and on public transportation. Clara only said "I tootied" around family we visited, but she did yell a few inappropriate things like, "Why does that guy have long hair?" and "Look! That guy is wearing earings and a necklace." Ah, humility. :) I love nature, minus bloody stumps of lizard tails. PS Clara saw that picture of you and said, "Look, that's my mom Anna." She thinks we look alike.

  6. How fun for all of you. You are such a good mom. I needed a good laugh and you had me with lizard stump and fart. :)

    I won't mention the fact that you were an hour away and didn't call me.