Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Are you one of those people that has a spotlessly clean, gleaming fridge? I'm... not. Our fridge is Command Central at our house. It keeps the kids from asking Can I Play? or What's for dinner?. One glance and they know what they need to finish before they can have free time, what their responsibility is for family night, and what we're having for dinner tonight and tomorrow.

Those kids meal toys from Sonic have been the only fast food toys that have not found their way to the landfill or the thrift store. And, as I'm posting this, I'm noticing that someone has, again, erased the GOOD CLEAN under Friday. Those pesky kids!


  1. That's fantastic, Rachel! I love the colors and your job chart is a great idea, I might have to steal it. The fact that you can let someone else see your fridge is a testament to your organization skills. I think I'd shrink in shame if someone took a pic of mine!

  2. My fridge has Clara's artwork plastered all over it. I have to sneak it into the recycle bin, else she panics and frantically asks why her {latest artwork} is in the garbage can.

    When I have more kids and have more structured chores, I may have to commission you to create a job chart.

  3. my fridge is stainless steel so i can't put any magnets on the front. i kinda like it that way, for now. but it is covered in finger prints that never go away.

    ummm are you kidding me with that job chart & FHE wheel? beautiful. (you could totally sell those)

  4. My fridge isn't spotless, but it's not command central either. I just like to have magnets and pictures of my surrogate kids on the front, and notes and coupons on the side.

    Your fridge looks very organized even with having things on it!

  5. love your "command central"...much more organized then mine. you should sell the wheels...as soon as you make one for me... :)
    you are awesome!

  6. My fridge looks like kindergarten art class gone wild. I reserve the side facing the stove for calendars, important phone numbers, weekly menus, and recipes. Usually, I just avert my eyes as I open it so I'm not bothered by the mess.

  7. I'm trying to come up with ideas for my kids to do. My girls are at a point where they enjoy chores so the last little while they've been doing really well with chores. I've gotta keep it up, and I'd really like a better looking way then my ripped-out-of-my-notebook paper.

    Ok how did you make that fantastic chore chart? Do you print that off at home or do you whip out your scrap book stuff?

    I agree with Angela, you could sell them. Could I pay you to make me one?