Friday, June 18, 2010

Current Favorites: Part 2

Item number two: Phoenix's Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album

It was mid-February. I was in the copy room at the tax office where I worked during tax season feeling like bashing my head against the wall, poking my eyeballs out and screaming: why, Rachel why!? How did it come to this? You've sold your soul. You have become an empty robotic shell who types numbers into a computer. All. Day. Long. When did you give up on your dreams?

Also, I was listening to Pandora.

And a song came on. I loved it. It perked me up. I wrote down the name of the band: Phoenix. Awhile later another song came on that I liked. I wrote down the name of the band: Phoenix. This song was from the same album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. And then it happened a third time. So, not being entirely soulless after all, I recognized it as a sign from the Universe saying: Buy this album.

Which I did. And have been listening to ever since. On continuos repeat. Every song. At home, in the car, when I run. This is perk-you-up music at its best: catchy percussion, percolating guitars, and melodic, sweet sounding vocals.

Take a listen and if you like it you should probably go ahead and buy the whole album.


  1. it's been on permanent repeat in my car for awhile now. just so good.

    (also and by the way, blogger got mad at me and temporarily deleted all my blog posts that had music download links... until i removed them. just a heads up it could happen. it's a little scary.)

  2. so strange. you'd think the bands would love the publicity. why else would they post videos on youtube? maybe i'll switch it to a link to purchase their music. thanks for the heads up.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. I just added a few new songs to my playlist.