Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Vacuum Fairy Tale

A long time ago, in a land far, far away two young newlyweds purchased a vacuum from a traveling salesman. They used it dutifully for many years, paying the high price of the filters set by evil Filter Queen company. Then one day, the now gray and hardened wife hatched a plan to thwart this evil in her life.

And so she did.

She tossed the vacuum into a vast pit so no one would ever have to be plagued by it again. And she requested a new vacuum from the Amazon Fairy because it came recommended from the land of Consumer Reports. It was magically delivered to her door with no cost at all.

Now she and her children vacuum happily in their quaint cottage nestled against towering mountains. And she rests easy in the knowledge that she can buy 44 Hoover Tempo Widepath Vacuums for the price she paid for the first vacuum.

The end.


  1. Am I mean for laughing at how much you paid for the first vacuum?

  2. yeah how much did you pay for that first vacuum?!

    ours just broke. or something is wrong with it.

    i want a dyson.

  3. Best line is the last one (not including The End). But I didn't laugh anymore at that then I did reading this title as I looked at your picture.

    We have a cheap vacuum that we've had for 6+ years and it picks almost nothing up. I can only imagine how much dirt and grime has setteled between my pad and carpet.

  4. Oh, my goodness! We had the same problem! After years of not working right, continually getting clogged, and ridiculously priced filters, I gave up. I also realized I could buy a new vacuum every year for the price of that ONE! So, I have committed myself to cheap vacuums, and if it breaks, no big deal, I can afford another for less than the old filter!

  5. Boy that vacuum must have really sucked.

  6. Who else but you could write such a magical story about something so dreaded, but unfortunately necessary, as a vacuum. Congratulations on your new purchase. Use it with pleasure. And thanks for the fabulous fairy tale.

  7. We need a new vacuum! We actually loved our Hoover WindTunnel, but the cord came loose from the vacuum, and smoked & sparked. End of vacuum. I'm so happy to hear this fairy tale and get a vacuum recomm.

    44!!!!! I want to lol, but I feel like I would disrespect the pain & suffering you endured. The End.