Sunday, May 9, 2010

i did not doubt my mother knew it

i had a magical childhood. i sang, i danced, i drew and i dreamed—encouraged every step of the way by my mother.

we went on family vacations, camping trips; she signed me up for drawing and pottery classes; she drove me to singing lessons, ballet lessons, flute lessons, piano lessons, church youth groups. she taught me how to make jam and grind my own wheat and feel comfortable being myself.

she had nine children. became the guardian of four more when her sister died unexpectedly. and then one foster daughter when another sister couldn't take her in anymore.

every good part of me i owe to her. i love you mom. i hope you know how much.


  1. a.) I started a post that I didn't publish that mentioned some of these things about Mom.

    b.) I just stole her photo albums tonight so I could put awesome pictures of her on my blog.

    c.) Dad put that exact quote in the card he made for Mom (speaking of the card... you should see it... Dad is a riot). Must be true.

    Happy Mother's Day to YOU.

  2. Wow, that is a very impressive mom you have there.

  3. And just think, out of all those kids, I am her favorite.

  4. ryan you are such a dork. and so funny. you get that from dad.

  5. Rachel, I hope you mean the funny part and not the dork part

  6. your mom sounds amazing! Twelve children! and she still was able to make you feel loved and special! I wish I could accomplish the same with my four!

    Been blogging and came across your name and decided to visit.
    Have a good week/weekend