Saturday, November 20, 2010

writing update, by the numbers

number of words in second draft when i woke up today: 46,162 words

number of words i deleted this morning: 2395

current number of words in my second draft after a writing marathon: 46,514

number of days it will take me to get my novel in "sharable" form if i keep up the current pace: 170

somehow, unhealthy levels of denial and stubbornness are leading me to believe i will be finished with this draft by the end of 2010. i really like my little cocoon-like world of make-believe.

**type, type, type**


  1. if you don't think it's sharable yet that probably means you should start mailing it to editors. From what I've read (much of it by Dean Wesley Smith) anyway.

  2. You need to finish by the end of the year so that I have something to read when I'm up half the night with a newborn. After all, don't you have my well being on your mind all the time?

  3. tonight dad and i were talking about how you're such a great writer. you know i can't wait to read this novel.