Sunday, January 10, 2010


i believe we all have at least one spiritual gift.

at least once a month i have a day (+ a night, usually) where i feel overwhelmed, sad, discouraged, like i won't ever learn the lessons i need to, like i am a terrible wife and mother, like all the hard things in my life are a direct result of my poor choices.

that is my spiritual gift.

yes, that's right. my gift is to feel. that means i feel intensely all kinds of emotions, even those kinds.

i also believe this is satan's message: you are not good enough. it's what he tells us all.

but this gift, this blessing of feeling, allows me to recognize the spirit easily, deeply, in the fleshy tables of my heart. and it whispers the truth to me. and i can recognize the truth when i hear it.

the truth is that i am a work in progress. i have a unique set of skills and abilities that will allow me to help those around me in a way that no one else could. the truth is that i am not mediocre or average. the truth is that i am extraordinary and i am enough. (even if i am not photogenic, ever, or if i will need an entire lifetime to develop the gift of patience).

and you are too.

i am so grateful to have this knowledge. to feel powerful and loved and important.

remember that the next time you are feeling down. and that i love you. always. love, me.


  1. rach - you are very inspiring...lovely, & you ARE photogenic! love reading your posts.

  2. That's a great post, Rachel. Thanks. I've been feeling overwhelmed a lot this week and I needed to hear just that. I need to know it's okay for me not to get an A on every paper or be the best the first time. That's what I'm take the classes for. We'll see how long this epiphany last for me.

    I agree with Joan. You are photogenic and love that picture of you on this post.

  3. Rachel, I agree and have just been thinking about this same topic of spiritual gifts. I was just talking with Ryan about what I think my gift is and how after I read fantasy books (like the one just gifted to me by you) I come to the conclusion that I can take my spiritual gift and perfect it and turn it into a great power that confounds evil. People all over the lands will know me by my great gift and one day tell their children and their grandchildren fairytales that have me as the main heroin. (is that how you spell heroin - as in the not the drug?)

  4. and I love you too dear friend. Fabulous post Rachel.

  5. hello, i am new to your blog and i love it! hope you dont mind! i love this post, i often feel similar, that feeling is my gift,and that satan tries to get me down with it. i love your advice and your perspective on it. very beautiful. thank you for your inspiration!

  6. well hmmm i feel discouraged at least once a week. i'm working on being more optimistic though.

    i think we share that gift of emotion (the same way we share many other traits)... i love you for it.

    and by the way, you are photogenic.

  7. Rach,

    I visit other blogs to see cute pictures and to catch up, but I visit your blog to feel inspired. One consistant consequence of visits to your blog is a deep sense of how much I miss you. Thank you for sharing a part of your beautiful self. Love from OK

  8. Rachel, you are an amazing women and I feel truly blessed to call you a friend.

    Thank you for your words of truth.