Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ring out the old, ring in the new

I love this time of year. A time for taking personal inventory, starting over, renewing commitments. The blank, white future is ahead of us all, waiting for us to write the story of our lives with our thoughts and actions. What kind of story will you tell?

I just got back from a fabulous trip to Arizona. Much more on that later. We left Christmas day and stopped at a gas station along the way. I asked the clerk if he was upset about working on Christmas. "Oh no," he replied, "I love working." And it sounded like he really meant it.

His reply struck me. It's been marinating for more than a week. This man is a convenience store clerk in a tiny Utah town and he seemed genuinely happy about all of it. I wanted to know what his secret was and how I could become more like that. More of a optimist. More satisfied with the things allotted to me.

And so, with him in mind, I went about setting my resolutions and thinking up a theme for 2010. Mine will be:

all in good time

This phrase is framed and displayed in my home. It reminds me that:

1.) Diligence in the small things can yield the most miraculous results,


2.) none of us are perfect, yet.

I want 2010 to be a year of growth in spirituality and writing talent, and improved overall health. This year I am focused on the small steps to get me there. So, if you are still with me, here are my resolutions for 2010 (in order from what I think will be easiest to hardest):

1. No soda, all year.
2. Buy no new clothes, all year (unless, of course, I happen to receive a GIFT CARD for my birthday to a place that sells clothes[not that that is a hint or anything]).
3. Attend the temple twice a month.
4. Write every day.
5. Read my scriptures and pray, every day.
6. Run 3 half marathons.
7. Go 10 weeks without any treats/sweets/sugar. (I'm starting February 1st. Anyone care to join me?)

Sounds like a year full of denial. I can't wait.


  1. Those sound like good goals. I think you should start your no sugar campaign in March, though. Your birthday is in February for crying out loud! Don't you want cake? Okay, so I'm not being very supportive with your resolution ... I'll do better. ;)

  2. Melanie is funny.

    I'm pretty sure I can only do one of your goals, because it's the same as mine. All the rest sound really hard to me. My goals are more like get out of bed every day, make dinner twice a week, etc. Just kidding. But no treats for 10 weeks, half marathons, all that is hard.

  3. I noticed you wrote NEW clothes. So DI is still a viable option for 2010??? I hope.

  4. I love the phrase you went with.

    You have way more goals than me. Maybe I need to step it up...

  5. bill (dad): yes, i think thrift stores are still viable options. however, don't you know that in utah they are all filled with CRAP? shouldn't be hard to resist the urge to overspend there.

  6. Inspiring. That is a fantastic theme and one that I believe to be true. I have to remind myself that MY time-table is not the same as the Lord's. Thanks for the reminder.

    I will be there with you on #'s 3 and 5. Have fun with the rest! I'm working up to running a 5K, but that probably won't be until the spring. What was it you said about small steps? One day at a time, that's how I'm taking things.

  7. Those are great goals. And I love truly optimistic people what a great person to run into on Christmas day!

    I'd join you, but the no sugar campaign would probably cause my brain to have a serious malfunction and meltdown. I don't have a very big sweet tooth, but when I start limiting myself I tend to binge on way more than I would have eaten to begin with.

  8. That's awesome. Many worthy goals!! I love the no soda as the easiest one. I'll join you on that one and not eating sweets for 10 weeks. So ending April 12th. Thats a big one for me. ok.