Sunday, January 24, 2010

An Addict and 5 Chins

Okay peeps. I am really behind on blogging and it's just going to get worse.

I have accepted a new assignment at church (Relief Society secretary) and said goodbye to my previous assignment with great rejoicing and choirs singing alleluias in my head. Not one tear shed in sadness.

But, with the change comes a lot of work and meetings, plus there is the looming Tax Season of 2010 that I am preparing for. I am really busy. Can you tell? While the world mourns their losses in Haiti, I blog about getting new shoes. Also, I leave it up for more than a week. Don't worry. I made a donation to the Red Cross at Costco to make up for my shallowness.

I still need to blog about: (1) basketball season, (2) a change to my New Year's Resolutions, (3) an author signing, (4) a birthday party

But first, allow me to reminisce. So far, I have been perfect in keeping my goal for no soda in 2010. But did you know, like a true addict I went out with a bang? On New Year's Eve I made a visit to Pop the Soda Shop in South Scottsdale to fill up one last time.

Think: aisles of dusty cardboard boxes filled with every kind of bottled soda that exists in the known world.

My sisters and me.

And now the 5 chins. Please meet my brother-in-law Clint, husband to my sister Angela. He is hysterically funny, argues passionately about his beliefs and I would suggest bringing him along on any outing. Guaranteed to be more fun. Our little jaunt turned into a contest to see who could make the most chins. I think I won, but tragically only have the pictures of Clint's 5 chins to show you. Also, Clint has a blog and sings in a band. You may love one or both.


  1. So sorry to hear you don't get to be the chorister anymore. I can imagine your devestation. Don't get too busy you don't blog. Then I might actually have to call you to see what's new. Oh, and our trip to Pop the Soda Shop was really funny, good memories.

  2. I think you're totally being sarcastic about not shedding a single tear about your old calling. I'm sure you shed tears of joy! Sheesh, you're such a liar. ;)

  3. i'm pretty sure i won. if not for most chins, then for willingness to allow extraordinarily unflattering pictures of oneself be posted on blogs all across the internet.

  4. yep, my husband is awesome. five chins and all.

    no more primary chorister? happy day.

  5. I'm still with you. Totally trying to psych myself out about it. Its gonna be awesome. I have to think of a good substitution plan. Water. Ok, I'm ready. I haven't had any soda either, but that was easy because I'm not a regular with that. I do want to hear about your experiences with no sugar as you go along!

  6. dear sister,

    please blog more. i miss you.


  7. Isn't it weird when life is crazy, it's REALLY crazy? Good luck with your new calling and job and family and other adventures.