Sunday, January 31, 2010


i am so tired.

i have failed in my goal to write every day in 2010.

i have a secret love for the singer aaron neville.

i ate a rotisserie chicken the day after i watched food, inc.

i vacuumed my room for the first time in ... really i can't remember when i last vacuumed it. maybe june?

i am in love with the book i am reading. i love it so much i don't want to tell people about it, because what if they don't like it?

i have been crying all day, off and on for the dumbest reason, but i can't stop. somebody put me to bed.

i feel like throwing up every time i think about starting work full time again tomorrow.

wish me luck. i'll be doing it all without sugar this year. NO TREATS UNTIL APRIL 15th.


  1. well atleast you look cute in those yellow stripes.

    good luck. i'll keep you in my prayers so you don't die of exhaustion and sugar deprivation. you're amazing.

  2. p.s. i think i deserve to know the book you're reading, since we have similar taste in books. i can keep a secret.

  3. My confession: that picture is really funny. And you look really skinny. I've been thinking a lot about you and your "big day" tomorrow. Good luck. Love ya!

    Tired, nauseous and emotional? Um... :) Just kidding.

  4. and look how skinny you look in your picture! i kept meaning to come catch you at church today, but either i was pulled aside, or you. but you looked lovely! would never have known it was a tearful day. you're amazing. and....i am lOVING "push not the river". i am loving jan and anna. not so much the cuz.
    i may try the no sugar with you.
    WHO AM I KIDDING!!!???
    good luck with work. let me know if you need to jimmy syd's piano around for some reason.
    you're awesome!

  5. I hate when I cry for dumb reasons and I can't seem to stop. I'm sorry you're having one of those days. Good luck with work tomorrow! You'll do great! :)

  6. At least you got a nap on the floor! I cried last night, haven't celebrated my birthday yet, forgot to register my van by the end of January, and haven't read a book since last September because I wanted to finish reading the Book of Mormon first...which I haven't finished yet. And I'm totally with you! Good Luck. Go to bed. :)

  7. Don't forget where I live. I'll call you when I get a chance, but will you call me and check out times when Lucas & company can come over so you don't die???

    And I just read this alarming news in Jana's last post about no sugar? And I'm reading it ON FEB. 1st in the afternoon????

    But I have to do it with you - especially since I just discovered a new delight at one of my favorite restaurants, endulged in one of my old favorite delights at another restaurant, and STOPPED BY Flour Girls & Dough Boys for another forgotten delight while out shopping! It's getting bad.

    Like I told Jana: my own little rules have to be that Sunday dessert doesn't count (because I bring it every week) and then I'll go 'til April 21st, Jeff's bday.

    I can't believe I'm doing this in a matter of 3 minutes.


  8. I'm so curious what book you're loving over! You have such great taste in books I'd love to hear what it is.
    Anything I can do to ease the burden of the full time job?