Wednesday, December 1, 2010

confessional and a cry for help

it's about time for another confessional. i just love getting things off my chest.

1) remember how i did that post about school lunch? keep all that nutritional effort in mind. yesterday, the first thing micah said when he came home from school was, "awesome job on the lunch, mom! that was the best one ever." in the lunch that day: p.b.j. sandwich, apparently for the first time.

2) i'm feeling a little grinch-y about christmas this year. i just want to stay in my cave and be mean and all alone with my little black heart.

3) i have said "yes" too many times this last month when i should have said "no". so, before you ask, this month the answer is going to be "no".

4) i have a secret shame. pictured here are all the books i have purchased and NOT read. (and also all the books i have checked out at the library right now). please help. do you see any titles that you would consider a must-read? i am trying to commit to not requesting any more books from the library until i read the books i've already purchased. i'll let you know how i do.


  1. Grinchy?!? I don't believe that for a second.

    And THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE. Especially poignant in lieu of resent events in my life. A MUST READ, 5 stars from me.

  2. I consider The Magician's Elephant a must-read. It's short and poignant. If you don't want your copy you could send it to me....

    I also liked When You Reach Me.

    I didn't finish The Sky is Everywhere. I decided there were other good books that didn't have the f word that I'd rather spend my time on.

    And I haven't read Her Fearful Symmetry, but my mom bought it for a plane ride and read it, then threw it away because she thought that she wouldn't wish to pass it on to anyone. She had to tell me the whole story, though, because it is compelling writing and she got caught up in it. Some of its pretty gross, if you ask me.

    Best of luck with your reading! My stacks of books tat I own and haven't read are much larger than yours! Wish me luck, too.

  3. just my opinion:

    dear john: i liked the movie much better than the book--but the book clarified a few things for me.

    being sixteen: must-read. good for mothers of girls:) and to pass along to any teen you know.

    eyes like stars: i bought but haven't been able to get through yet.

    archangel: must-read. one of my favorites this year.

    mystic and the ryder: i really liked it--fun read.

    nefertiti: interesting. i love egypt. not a favorite.

    revolution: i am dying to read that one.

    lovely bones: i gave up after three pages--personally i can't deal with that particular topic. no way.

    when you reach me: i bought it as well and really want to read it.

    should i take a picture of my stack of purchased and unread books?

  4. I have been feeling very grinchy myself. I baked some cookies this morning while listening to Christmas music, but still not feeling the Christmas Spirit. Which makes me sad, I love Christmas. Maybe Friday will help break us both out of it. I don't think green hair would look good on either of us.

    MY confession is that I've only read Fablehaven out of that entire stack. How sad is that? There are lots of ones in there I want to read. I almost picked up Being Sixteen at the library yesterday, but I know I'll have Matched to read this coming week. I usually only check out one at a time, so that I'll actually accomplish something on the days between when I finish one and I go to the library next.

  5. I haven't read any of the pictured books, so I'm no help there. Sorry.

    My husband has been a grinch since we've been married. But, this year, he's finally warming up to Christmas! I'm so excited! Next year, we're even going to decorate! :D I hope your grinch mood passes.

  6. I really enjoyed When You Reach Me. It made me think of a Jellicoe Road for kids.

  7. Dear John & Fablehaven are both worth your time to read. I tried to read The Lovely Bones but I couldn't get through the 1st chapter. It was just too disturbing for my liking.

    Glad you're bringing your cold heart out of the cave on Friday. We'll try to get you in the Christmas spirit.

  8. I definitely can't give advice on the books... maybe call that show, "Hoarders"?

    Sorry if Clara's quilt is causing you grief. I don't expect you to mail it, just bring it when you come. That way you have a little extra time to get other things done and we don't run the risk of it getting lost in the crazy Christmas mail.

    I hope you have a change of heart before you come visit us, let me know if I can help in any way. :)

  9. Sadly, I haven't read most of those. I have read A Conspiracy of Kings - I like that whole series, they're fast and easy to read. I have read Halfway to the Grave - have the series is you ever need to borrow them - and just a warning, they are very smutty. The Lovely Bones is good, but I don't remember it much - I read it years ago, probably when it first came out. I might have read Dear John, but I don't remember the various Nickolas Sparks books. I haven't finished the Fablehaven series, but my kids vouch for it. And I have heard good things about Still Alice, but haven't read it.

    I've been grinchy the past few years. I think my problem is school; I don't have time to do what I want to during the season. Turn on a good Christmas CD and sing. Good luck.

  10. Hey Grinch, skip on the Lovely Bones... that one is a DOWNER :(

    Still Alice is one of my favorite books in Adult Fiction. Probably my top 1.

    I have her fearful symmetry on my tbr pile too... heard only bad things about it, but I think most people expect Time Traveler's Wife feel to it. And it's just a different story.

    Skip Dear John, watch the movie, it's better.

    Definitely get to the Fablehaven sometime!

    Good Luck! I may have to do the same with my pile, I need to prioritize!