Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Conversation overheard last night during Family Night while carving pumpkins:

Me: I have some exciting news to share with you guys.

Mr. Coleman: What? [pupils dilate, swallows dryly]

Micah: You're pregnant! [points at me and giggles]

Casey: You're having another baby?

Me: Uh, no. Did you know that November is National Novel Month?

Everybody else: [blank stares, eyes blink slowly]

Me: So, I signed up for this challenge to write a novel in a month. It's called "NanoWriMo". I'm starting November 1st and I set a goal to write 50 thousand words in one month.

Everybody else:

Me: I just want you to not expect as much from me the next month. And I'll be expecting you guys to help me out around here.

Micah: What do we have to do?

Me: Cooking, cleaning, laundry, ironing.

Mr. Coleman: So it will be just like normal.


Mr. Coleman: And WHY are you doing this?

Me: You'll just have to read my blog post about it.

So to answer Mr. Coleman's questions, I am doing this because I needed some extra motivation to finish what I started, and to complete one of my goals for 2009. Also, on the NanoWriMo website there is this perfect explanation:

"Art for art's sake does wonderful things to you. It makes you laugh. It makes you cry. It makes you want to take naps and go places wearing funny pants. Doing something just for the hell of it is a wonderful antidote to all the chores and "must-dos" of daily life. Writing a novel in a month is both exhilarating and stupid, and we would all do well to invite a little more spontaneous stupidity into our lives."

I am so excited to bust the rest of this story out. I plan on sharing excerpts from it on Fridays. Scary for me, but I think I am ready. I write longhand during the day, and then at night I type it in Word. I won't be working on this project on Sundays, so my goal is 2,000 words a day, for 25 days. Just typing that increased my heart rate.

So, November should be productive for me, but don't expect a lot from me next month, 'kay?

Photo is of my pretty red notebook where I jot down name ideas, take notes on the plants and climate of my world, and flesh out characters. It's where the magic happens.


  1. Good luck with that. I'm sure it will turn out fabulous. I look forward to possibly having the opportunity to read it some day. Get your creative juices flowing and start that writing (on Monday).

  2. Good luck, Rachel! I think you'll do great! I look forward to reading your novel. :)

  3. Too bad you don't talk as much as me. 2,000 is nothing. :)

    But then again I guess it has to be 2,000 valuable words.

    Go Rachel!

  4. I've wanted to participate in this so badly for the last 2 years. Someday here I wont be taking a major trip during Nov.

    You're gonna rock the casbah girl. Can't wait for Fridays.

  5. this is really great news for me, as i need something new to read and i've been awaiting a novel from you for awhile now :)

    i wish i lived nearby - i'd take your kids and play with them, clean & bring you dinner so you could focus on the writing.

    you're amazing and i canNOT wait to read it.

  6. Woohoo for you! Friday's can't come fast enough. I know you are going to rock this, Rachel.