Thursday, October 8, 2009

Choeronycteris Colemanus

Want an idea for a cheap Halloween decoration? Make a bat tree. This cost me nothing, since we already had about 9 cans of black spray paint hanging out in the shop.

1. Gather twigs.
2. Cut out bats from junk mail paper [use a whole punch for the eyes].
3. [optional] Buy birds in assorted colors from your local craft store. I already had these.
4. Spray paint everything black [outside, on the grass].
5. Apologize to your husband for the black spots on the grass and convince him it adds to the "spooky Halloween ambience" of your exterior. Offer to mow the grass if that doesn't work.
6. Fill a container [I used a vase] with something heavy i.e. rocks or sand.
7. Add your twigs.
8. Tie your bats on with black thread through the eye holes.
9. Attach your birds. I left some orange.
10. Ta da!


  1. Rachel, I love this. I've been wanting to do the twig thing forever, but I need to find some dead twigs. I've almost made Ryan drive out to the desert in hunt of some.

  2. love it rachel! leave it to you to make something so amazing.

  3. That's super cute! I'm not a craft person and I don't like crafty things usually, but I really do like that! :)

    Also, I loved your step 5. I laughed and read it to my hubby. He laughed and agreed.

  4. Thank you!!! Now don't be mad if I copy you. =)

  5. Totally cute. I was just about to say I don't know where I'd get twigs because well, you have to have trees to have twigs, but we do have a dead orange tree in our backyard. Glad it could be of use somehow...

  6. you arizona people are killing me. i have 70 acres of dead twigs across the street from my house. what a sad shame.

  7. Ummmmmmmmmm Rachel. I'm not kidding, this is totally what I was going to do tomorrow with the twig/branch I gathered and the extra felt from my YW activity (felt bats). I doubt mine will look as cute.

    We are awesome. Kindred spirits. I love you.

  8. totally cute! I love the colors! Such a great idea.