Tuesday, May 31, 2011

gratitude day 16: life

I am grateful to be alive. Are you? Here's a quick snapshot of my life, this week.

1. I am two weeks away from my writer's conference wherein my novel will be critiqued by HOLLY BLACK. [Typing her name, the rhyming phrase "spaz attack" comes to mind. Not a coincidence]. My adult ADD brain is having a hard time focusing on anything else. I WILL finish this round of revisions before then, because I do what I say and I said what I meant.

2. Markus Zusak is now on Twitter. Now we can deepen our imaginary author/celebrity relationship. This brings me an immense amount of joy.

3. I am in love with social media. Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. It feels my social needs while allowing me to stay home, unshowered and barefoot living the dream.

4. I cannot keep up with the laundry. Or rather, I choose not to keep up with the laundry because I am revising my novel. Also, playing Angry Birds.

5. I am teaching a lesson in church this week to a group of women. My self-chosen topic: Lessons From the Garden. Any thoughts, insights?

6. My cousin passed away from a drug overdose last week. His memorial service is today. I cannot stop thinking of the email my mom sent to me and the thought she shared: Life is precious.

Life is precious.

Are you living your dream? Do your loved ones know you love them? Have a beautiful day, friends. You are here, you are alive, and you only get one shot. Make it count.


  1. Yes Rachel, I am glad to be alive. I am glad to have my crazy life with my kids. My dear husband who understands my craziness. I am also very happy to have a friend like you alive in my life.

  2. I'm glad I'm alive too. I'm glad I can say that. If you would've asked me as little as five years ago, I would've answered, "I don't know." And, if you'd have asked me in high school and during the beginning years of my marriage, I would've said, "No." Unfortunately, my husband has seen the devastating effects of that answer.

    Fortunately for him (and me), I want to live now and I'm trying to make my life richer each and every day! I only wish others who feel (have felt) like I once did could get passed that time and someday feel happy to be alive too.

    Thanks for this beautiful post in reminding me what life is all about! Life is, indeed, precious!

    PS--Thanks for the heads up about Markus Zusak.

  3. I love this, thanks. And, I need a Pinterest invite. :)

  4. Did you chop your hair again? I love that picture. I can't keep up with my laundry. I've been thinking I need to start a laundry support group wherein you help each other do laundry. That way, you can be social and talk while you fold. Life is precious. I'm glad to be alive and glad for my life.

  5. Life is precious. So sorry to hear about your cousin.
    Gardens open up so many possibilities-faith, appreciating differences, work, beautifying-Elder Uchdorf's talk, life, to name a few. I hope you post about your lesson, I would love to know how it goes!

  6. oh i love your new blog look.

    my washing machine keeps flooding so now i have an excuse not to do laundry.

    and yes, life is precious. i need to stop spending my days worrying about so many silly little things and focus my efforts more on loving and serving others.

  7. Lovely.

    I even looked up Markus (we're on a 1st name basis don't you know) after we saw him at the library. But he wasn't there- thanks for the heads up!

    I'm also freaking out about our writing group. Peoples stuff was freaking good- feeling INTIMIDATED!

    And I agree- YAY for life!

  8. I've been reflecting on my life lately since it's the 2 year anniversary of trauma that could have made me very less-alive.

    I keep wondering have I done enough? Is there more that I should do? Why was I allowed to survive when others didn't? And how can I make better use of the time that I have been blessed with?

    I'm not sure I'm living my dream, but that's only because my dream is a constantly shifting thing that I need to sit down and reevaluate.

    Now seems like a good time to start! Because, like you said, life is precious.

  9. P.S. I would join mad white woman's laundry support group in heart beat!!