Thursday, May 19, 2011

gratitude day 15: office

welcome to my author office. i am taking a break from the throes of revising DYING LIGHT* to let you in on 8 of my favorite writerly tools for writing/living dangerously.

8. down duvet. because this writer can't perform with cold feet.

7. netbook. which doesn't have enough memory/big enough screen to search the internet properly, thus discouraging lengthy sessions of online "research".

6. notebook. wherein i write Very Important Things that i don't want to forget.

5. critiqued copies of my novel. otherwise know as The Only Reason My Book Will Not Be A Total Pile of Crap.

4. thesaurus. second only to my beta readers, this is my best writing friend. sometimes i just flip through it, reading words at random, and don't you know...the ideas just come. if i'm ever a published writer and someone asks me where my ideas come from, i have my answer: ROGET'S 21ST CENTURY THESAURUS IN DICTIONARY FORMAT.

3. snow and graham desk calendar. in case i forget what day it is (or what year, or what world. trust me, when your brain is living deep inside an imaginary world this is a lifesaver.)

2. water. known to ward off headaches and "bum enlargment".

1. prayer rock. because i need all the help i can get.

*working title. i'm open to suggestions for a better one.


  1. Lovely list. As always.

    And I like the title a lot.

  2. Oh my gosh. Your mind and creativity make me so happy! This is such a fun post.

  3. If you let me read it I'll happily suggest titles! :)

  4. I love your office. It's much neater than mine :) Love the title, and I second Kayla about letting my eyes take a look at it.

  5. Your office looks very comfortable. I cannot sit in my bed, however. It makes me sad because I can't read in my read, watch TV in my bed, or anything like that. So, I'm quite jealous that you can. :)

    And, I third Kayla about letting me read it so I can help with title suggestions. :)

  6. Very nice. I wish my office was that clean and put together. And I have 18.5 hours of plane time to kill next month...*wink wink*

  7. Ooo, it's wonderful! Makes me want to spend lots of time there...I'll bet you do, too! I "fourth" Kayla's suggestion and am not too proud to beg, run errands, do chores, or bring treats as bribes.

  8. Love it. You're so good at blogging. And I can't wait to read the book. Seriously, let me know if you need another Beta.

    You could always go with the name of your protagonist (Artemis Fowl, Cleopatra, The Whipping Boy). Or the name of your villain (Blackbringer). Or you could take your title inspiration from a poem (The Lovesong of J. Alfred Coleman. haha. Grapes of Wrath) Perhaps a key item becomes your title (the amulet of samarkand). Or key event (matched)

    I like DYING LIGHT, it's very evocative, if somewhat abstract. (Twilight, Need, The Dark Divine).

  9. maybe i need to drink more water...

    ha ha. loved this post. and you know i can't wait to read the book.

  10. that looks kind of like my office. except you can actually see your nightstands. i have the worst headache right now... i think i'll drink some water. ;)