Tuesday, April 26, 2011

gratitude day 11: ben howard

this may seem awkward, as we've never met, but where have you been all my life? i want to marry this song; it's folk perfection. i am anxiously awaiting the release of your debut EP may 23rd in the states. until then, i'll just keep on watching your video on YouTube and wishing i lived closer to ireland so i could see a live gig. if you ever come to utah, let's plan to meet up, okay mate? you could play your guitar for our talent portion of family night or something.



  1. Rachel, I have to say you are my favorite music pimp. Thank you for hooking me up with such fantastic music. I am always amazed at your findings.

  2. YES!!! Love his raw acoustic sound. Not sure what he's doing surfing by those rocks though, looks dangerous.

  3. that was a really pretty song. thanks for sharing!

  4. I'm glad people like you share with lazy people like me that enjoy new music but never take the time to find it. :)