Wednesday, February 16, 2011

gratitude day 9: favorites

time is precious right now. just dropping in to share a few of the things we're loving lately.

a healthy, vegan, raw, cheaper, DELICIOUS alternative to my hot chocolate habit. contains a blend of reishi mushrooms, which are wonderful for boosting your immune system, among other things. i would pay almost any price for this, but it ends up being about the same price—per cup— as steven's hot chocolate. (triple the price per ounce, but you use 1/3 the amount in a cup). and it's significantly less than a cup of hot chocolate at starbuck's. i have mine with steamed rice milk. it's so good it makes me want to weep. i recommend going for the 3-pack—at least until i convince my local health food store to carry it.

the earth and all its creations are amazing. this is one of the few dvds that everyone in the family enjoys. again, and again, and again. plus it helps to finally have blueray, hdtv, and surround-sound. come on over and watch it with us.

this book is nothing like i'd thought it would be. it is not a romance; it is not your typical ya paranormal thriller; nor is it anything like any other book i've read in a great while. it's set in fallbrook, california and is a fictional account of the true-life story of the evacuation and devastation that occurred during the wildfires. the gorgeous, almost sparse prose, tells a haunting, devastating story that i just can't forget. the characters are real, flawed, wonderfully portrayed. i love a book that turns the world on its axis for me. no happy endings here, just longing, regret, and a look at the bitter truth told in a most compelling way. i would have liked to get a better feel for amiel, one of the main characters, but he remained a mysterious enigma to the end. well-deserving of being a national book award finalist.

4. the above artwork, composed solely of paper. i can't remember the source. anyone know?

comes in almost any animal you could think of. we got the elephant. it's adorable and the best humidifier i've ever owned: quiet, automatic shut-off, inexpensive, and high output. we love it and our sinuses do too.

what are some of your favorites?


  1. hazel's cheeks


    warm weather

    i've been thinking about you... hoping you are surviving. i want to come visit. at first i thought i could come help you, but i might be too selfish. i don't want to go all the way there and not be able to follow you around all day every day. :) so i might have to wait until after 4.15 and then it's close to the summer when we'll be there anyway. decisions, decisions.

  2. We love planet earth, too - and blue planet. When the kids don't have school on Monday, we let them stay up Sun night watching. Every age loves it. Happy Birthday, in case I don't get a chance tomorrow. Seriously, 756-3366 for a long overdue facial =)

  3. must try cocoa mojo.

    my current favorites:

    maca root (thank you for the suggestion, and for the new stuff). the days i remember to take it i definitely notice a difference.

    my quilt (thank you again), especially because it's supposed to rain this weekend and i'm going to wrap up in it and read the book you sent me.

    my willpower. can you believe i have six boxes of girl scout cookies in my house (ordered them months ago, and they just came) and i'm not even eating ANY of them? awesome.