Thursday, August 5, 2010


best vacation of my life, so far. so many memories made, so many people i love, and so many miles driven. my van and i are on a break.

worst drivers: nevada. also, people become hard of hearing when you show up to the breakfast buffet with 1 adult and 4 children. ONE adult? yes. FOUR children? yes, people. i know.

to attract attention, i like to borrow my nephew as well and head to the beach.

then take them all to sea world, BY MYSELF.

it's okay, because a few days later we headed to one of the most beautiful places on earth: hawley lake, az.

where i sat and did nothing for about 4 days. surrounded by the people i love best in the world. best family reunion ever.

mr. coleman flew in for the event, where he had a narrow escape from dying of boredom, but i like to think it was worth it because it prevented him from missing us to death the 3 weeks we were gone.

the last week we spent in mesa, az at my parents' house, because really, can you think of a better time of year to spend a full week in arizona? actually it was pretty amazing: monsoon lightning storms, haboobs, bahama bucks, swimming, all-you-can-eat-crab (!), and qt.

i have to confess that the best part of my trip was when my brother ryan shared this double rainbow video with me. and then this song. it is still making me laugh everyday. go check it out. then come back. i'll still be here.

after sunday family dinner we were entertained by a magic show

and then glow sticks. never gets old.

the ride home was gorgeous. i love the little peek of the north rim of the grand canyon here. {photo by micah}. it is great to be back. i love my state and city and grocery store* and home more than i ever have. it doesn't hurt to have had incredible weather every day since we've been home.

utah summer: i just can't quit you. next year we're staying home.

*does your grocery store have men in dress shirts and ties that carry umbrellas and escort you to your car in a summer rainstorm? mine does. i love nice people.


  1. We're having serious withdrawls... Clara can't handle not being with cousins non-stop. BUT, I sure am glad you got to stick around for so long. How could Don have been bored fishin with Jason? Didn't you know Jason is a total chatterbox?

    What does this mean! (Haaaaa.)

  2. It looks like you had such a great time! I'm glad! I love all your pictures, especially the glowsticks one. So cool!

  3. Looks amazing! I wish I had a positive attitude about taking my kids on a trip. I'm driving alone with a 3 & 4 yr old & I'm scared. Scared we may not make it. :)

  4. Oh my GOSH! That was hilarious (the rainbow vid & song). Cracked me up.

    I totally agree with Utah summers. I'm loving the light show we've been getting nearly every night.

    Glad you're home save.

  5. well, i'm glad you're enjoying being back home - but we really all miss you and wish you lived a little closer.

    your pictures are beautiful. and your kids are so beautiful too. casey looks so grown up in that first pic.

    "it's starting to look like a TRIPLE rainbow!" wow, thanks for showing me that.

  6. * it takes 7 kids to draw attention at the breakfast buffet in UT. That was last week in SL -- and when you're getting plates for your littlies (instead of have them impatiently stand in line with you and the newly-awakened out-of-state grumpies) it just looks like you're a pig. =)
    * thank you so much for the beautiful pic of Em & Alexis!
    * and your FR does look heavenly... I'm so jealous.

    * and FR as in reunion. =)

  7. Loved all of your pictures. I remember being on vacation with my family and being one of the children who heard 2 adults 6 KIDS! It was very fun.