Sunday, August 22, 2010

a post for jenni

Remember how I promised a souvenir to whomever guessed all the places we were headed on our vacation? And then I hardly ever blogged after that?


Lots of things going on over here, but I didn't forget you, readers. Or you, blog. Or you, Jenni.

Jenni, congratulations. You were the first responder to my post and I got you this little lovely dream catcher from a sweet little Navajo grandma. (Even though we went to the Apache Indian Reservation, and dream catchers originated with the Ojibwe tribe.) I hope you like it. I'll bring it with me the next time we get together. And I hope it catches all your bad dreams.


  1. Thank you so much, Rachel! I love it. It's so beautiful! :)

  2. cool! and how nice that you don't have to mail it to her. :)

    (Hubby looks over my shoulder: "'A post for Jenni'? Why did you read it? How rude of you!)

  3. i'm a little jealous i wasn't eligible to win one. i love it, and i've been wanting a dreamcatcher. maybe i can find my own somewhere around here.

  4. I'm glad I couldn't participate b/c I probably wouldn't have been able to win anyway. :)

  5. i love your new camera pictures. if i was mean i would show mike how lovely the pictures turn out....wait, i have. some day.

    you are so talented! and that one of casey...beautiful!