Sunday, March 7, 2010

quilting on the brain

added to the bucket list: sew a quilt or two or four.

and an update. i have failed on all of my new years resolutions but two (still no soda and no new clothes). but i am still trying my best. i always aim high and shoot low. what can i say?


  1. I was gonna cry if you said you made all those quilts.

    Sometimes the people that aim high and shoot high still miss the baskets. Though it's not where you are aiming, I think you are still making the baskets this year.

  2. please make me one. maybe like this? i'll pay you. or... maybe i should come visit and we can quilt together (i.e. you quilting while i watch your kids). maybe after tax season.

  3. You made all of those? They are beautiful! You are so good at sewing and your choice of fabric is awesome! I'm normally not a huge quilt fan because they always look too "country" for my taste. Yours are exactly what I would love in my house.

    I understand about the New Year's resolutions. I haven't been doing very well either. I am back on the wagon for eating well, though, so that's good.

  4. I've been wanting to make a quilt. After I looked at these pictures, I might have decided you should probably pick out some fabric for me. :) Deal?

  5. Well, you're doing better than me since I never made any new year's resolutions at all. My theory is you can't fail if you have no goals. ha!
    I started a quilt once like 5 years ago... and I still haven't finished it. I promise to make it my next year's resolution! :)

  6. I've actually been thinking in the last 3 weeks that I want to learn to piece a quilt... but I am totally afraid that I'll get obsessed. When I get in project mode, I don't just do one of anything. I SHOULD, but I'm a "collector" by nature, and want many of them under my belt, even if I give them away. I have a ton of other things on my plate, but it's burning up inside me to make a quilt. And for me, that's random. And baby's coming in 3.5 months.