Sunday, August 23, 2009

piling up

Things are really piling up around here, including my to-be-read list. For a few weeks I was so stressed and over-scheduled that I couldn't even settle my mind down enough to read. But things are starting to settle down. Things I need to post about still:

highlights from my trip to arizona
lucas' 3rd  birthday
thoughts on being married for 12 years
notes from a family-friendly-nutrition class i taught
coaching micah's soccer team
the first day of school
adeiu to summer

For now, this picture of all my books to read will have to do. Between getting kids ready to start school, designing a website, clearing up some errors on our credit report, learning how to coach soccer, and playing text twist there has been no time for blogging. I wonder which one of those things I could give up to allow more time for blogging? 


  1. Definitely, the clearing up errors on your credit report.

  2. I love that picture. I can't wait to have a great big pile on my nightstand with fabulous books waiting for me.
    Can't wait for more posts.

  3. Rachel, that's a lot of books.

    Definitely not TextTwist. Speaking of, I haven't played that for a long time... maybe we need to have a tournament.

  4. I have no doubt you'll breeze through those books, Mensa chick. :) Sometimes you just need to escape, and books are the best.
    I sent you a message to your FB inbox, my emails keep getting returned. Have you changed your address?

  5. TextTwist... don't tell me what it is, because I don't have any self-discipline. I'm out of books to read (our Highland library is sooo scant). Is there any way I could check out Son of the Shadows through your better library with your card???? High price of cousinship, I know. And just say no if it's too complicated. My lib. has #1 & #3. What else would be on the tippy top of your list to recommend? I've enjoyed looking for some of the ones you have listed. I'll check them again. My lib. keeps adding daily... they're just so new.