Thursday, August 27, 2009

letter to summer

Dear Summer:

I think you can tell that I am mad at you. Things just haven't been the same between us for awhile.

First there was June, in which you wouldn't stop raining and refused to let the sun shine. I blame you for all my plant problems this year. You have given me nothing but diseased leaves and hordes of gray beetles every where I look. I don't even like to look at my plants anymore. You even killed my zuchinni plant which I previously assumed was impossible.

And then there was July, in which you turned my angelic offspring into Jerry Springer Talk Show participants. All I heard was fighting and tattling. You did this. Never again will I trust you to provide endless hours of entertainment for my children. Never again.

And do we really need to talk about August? I thought we were going to work things out when you got me nice and tan in Arizona. But then you decided to masquerade as Fall for a few weeks. I shivered and wore hoodies, all the while stuffing my resentment in hopes we could work things out.

But I have news for you. The kids are back in school, my house is back in order,  and I've found someone new. His name is Fall.

I think we should just be friends. Keep in touch and stay sweet.

Until next year,


  1. Rachel that is easily the best blog letter I've ever read. Happy Fall to you dear friend. Give him a big squeeze for me as I'm glad he's comin our way too.

  2. Summer is the worst thing that ever happened to me. I'm a much better person in the Fall. Sad but true. Unfortunately for everyone around me, Fall won't be arriving for a good two more months. Wah wah wah.

    Someday, let's have summer homes in Oregon/Washington ok? Thanks.

  3. I love your letter to summer. That is so awesome! You're hilarious. I'm glad you found someone new. ;)

  4. Fall? What is that? I think it comes here in October and lasts for one day.


  5. Amen. Amen.

    That Utah Summer was just a jerk this year - good riddance. Maybe your letter can morph into a petition -- sign me up.

    Although, if he straightens up his act, I'm back on the wagon for next year!

  6. Very clever letter. Thanks for sharing your talents for all the world to read. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Those would be some of my sentiments for winter more than summer but this was a particularly odd one.

  7. ...except the house in order house is still in complete disarray! ugh.

  8. I love this. I feel the same way, mostly. I love how you ended your letter "stay sweet". Maybe next summer will be.

  9. Love it! Thanks for pointing me to your blog!