Monday, July 27, 2009

law of the harvest

We are currently enjoying the fruits of our labors. Before we built our house, a neighbor gave me some raspberry starts. I planted them, tended them, and loved them for six years. This year, I have finally achieved my dream.

60 cups of raspberry jam.

There is nothing better than a sun warmed, ripe raspberry. Perfection. 

Today has been crazy getting ready for a last minute trip to Arizona. I can't wait to see my family. I've missed them like an addict misses his fix. And Mr. Coleman will enjoy a little break from us, I suspect.

Here's my get-ready-for-the-trip-to-do list, all done today(except the ironing, still procrastinating that one):

pick weeds in herb garden
dry cleaners
buy new ink cartridge
plan primary music for august
find a substitute
re-schedule piano lessons
pick up book at library
car washed
wash 8(!) loads of dirty laundry
clean house (thank you kids + Mr. Coleman. You are appreciated.)
visiting teaching
music to primary pianist
buy activity books for road trip
download new songs onto i-pod 
charge camera battery
call angela to schedule haircut
design ColemanXcavation softball t-shirts and order from screen printers
post on my blog
catch up on So You Think You Can Dance (while I'm ironing)

Tomorrow: pack, teach piano Master Class, hit the road.


  1. Raspberries have always been my favorite. They're so yummy and also really pretty.

    Even though I already said it several times, I am SO EXCITED for you guys to come. See ya soon!

  2. Angela just told us the good news. We are very excited to see you. However, with the post of your delicious raspberries, Ryan might be headed up to Utah to steal some.

  3. Busy, busy, busy. Doesn't it feel so good to check things off your list? Have a good trip.

    Your raspberry picture is beautiful. Did you take that or did you find it on the internet? Enjoy your jelly.

  4. Thank you for sharing some of your jam--it is like gold. Also, thanks for being an amazing visiting teacher and working in a visit with that long to do list. Have a great trip.

  5. yes, i took my raspberry picture. plate is from—where else?—target.

  6. yum! I'm so jealous. Have a wonderful trip!!!

  7. You're here, I just know it. Yeah! Rasberries are the best.

  8. that IS last minute, didn't we just talk about this on sunday? hmmmm. maybe i will see you there! we will be there saturday!

  9. Wow, I am totally envious of your beautiful raspberries! Just reading your To Do List makes me want to go take a nap! You amaze me!