Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catch Up: Part One

Since this blog is the only journal I have to speak of, I simply can't leave out some of the important events of 2009. So, welcome to part one of Catch Up. 

Here we are sledding with my family who traveled up from Arizona for Micah's baptism. We like to pack in the fun wherever we can, so we went the morning of the baptism. And why not? It was a beautiful day. Sapphire blue skies, sparkly snow, and crisp mountain air. Plus, we wore out all the little friends so they would not have the energy to misbehave during the baptism. Genius.


  1. Way to squeeze the fun in where ever you can fit it. Super smart about wearing them out too. I'll have to remember that in 2 years when it's my daughters turn. Plan a somewhat exhausting activity directly beforehand. :)

  2. Still sad I missed that day.

    Wishing for snow right about now...

  3. Coming Soon: More days to pack full of fun. Or we could just sit around, that'll make me happy too.