Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wednesday Welcome: Lucas Eli

Here's something new for Wednesdays. Wednesday Welcome will introduce you to the amazing people I know. I thought I'd start with the one person in the world I probably know better than any one else. 

Lucas Eli. Age 2.5. Baby of the family.

Actually, to be quite frank, I am writing this about him because I need to put a positive spin on a really overwhelming day.

4 of the following 5 messes were made today. Good golly! How much patience does H.F. think I have? I may have to rethink my prayerful petitions for patience...

Mess #1: Pink packing peanuts. He dumped these out of a giant box (twice) and it eventually led to a 1 hour clean up job thanks to static electricity. If you look close in the picture you will notice he is naked from the waist down. And laying on top of the peanuts. You go kid.

Mess #2: Broken antique saucer (make that 2 broken saucers). I think I cried when this happened. My first actual purchase made after years of envisioning a lovely plate wall. Lucas loves his stool and will use it to climb on the counters and search for hidden bags of candy. He found the bag and pulled. Down came the plates.I loved that robin's egg blue ;***(

Mess #3: Purple nail polish on the carpet. Lucas came up to the piano while I was teaching piano lessons and said "TA-DUM!".  I looked down and noticed his toenails were a lovely shade of deep, dark purple. I followed him into Emma's room and saw the carpet. Alas! The carpet is a lost cause. I did think it was sweet that he used a wash rag (pictured) to attempt a clean up. All of Sister's nail polish is now on it's way to the dump.

Mess #4: Blueberry Jam. This was a great way to unwind after a long day of running errands with Mom. Can you see the smashed berries on the newly washed rugs and the bottom of his shoes? Good thing money isn't an issue in our house right now. Otherwise I might have cried at this senseless waste. Oh, that's right. I did.

Mess #5: Soup of Cinnamon Roll. Can you tell from this picture that there is about an inch of water on the floor in my kitchen? Mixed in with one soggy cinnamon roll. And by this time he figured it out. Mom comes and takes pictures of every mess I make. I better smile for this one. I must be one awesome kid.

Mess #6: Poop. This was one happy moment and a much anticipated mess. For the first time ever, Lucas told me he had to go poop, produced one right in the toilet, and proclaimed: I go big, huge turd. What a proud moment for the Colemans. Until he cupped his hand in the poopy toilet water and drank it. **shudder**

Perhaps you were shopping at the American Fork Target today and heard a toddler screaming: Shut up! and Dammit! over and over. Maybe you even saw his mother pushing the cart with glazed over eyes and a zombie-like expression. If you were quick to judge I hope you can have a little more compassion now.

Those seem to be Lucas' two favorite words. Ever since we had a Family Council on verbal abuse he shouts those words out at the most inappropriate places. (I'm so sorry to everyone who was hoping for a spiritual sacrament meeting experience in our ward any time in the near future).  I'm wondering if we should ask the pediatrician about Turret's Syndrome. I'm watching for ticks.

In the mean time, please know that I am doing my best. **sigh**


  1. Hahahahaaaa... sorry Rachel, I know it must have been a hard day... but that was mostly just really hilarious. (especially the "i go big, huge turd" part and the swearing part)

    Wow. Good thing he is really really adorable, huh.

    I wish I lived by you; I'd take him off your hands for a little while. And very sorry about the plate - I know how it feels to have something irreplaceable break :(

    I love you. And little Lucas. You're such a fantastic mother.

  2. The girls classify poops into big poops and baby poops.

    Heaven help me if I get 2 Lucas'. Really cute, but boy you have had your hands full from day 1.

    The girls talk about getting to come see Micah and Lucas and Rachel... (they list your whole family) but they love to say DON! over and over.

  3. I'm trying really hard not to laugh at your unfortunate day. But the things that kid does and says... I can't help myself. Except the broken plate. That's sad and is not deserving of laughter no matter what.

    I can't believe how much he looks like Steven in those last two pictures.

    Never fear, I'll be there soon to solve all your problems (especially the money ones). :) (Now it's your turn to laugh). I just hope Clara doesn't pick up any new words. Ha ha.

    Love ya.

  4. Oh Rachel, I totally feel your pain. It is good to be able to have a sense of humor about all of it, ;-)

    Hey, don't worry about the shipping please, it is no big deal. Really!

  5. How awful and cute at the same time. Your day had to be so overwhelming; I can't even imagine. I guess it's a good thing HF knows parents love their kids, otherwise, procreation would've stopped with Cain and Abel.

  6. I should tell you about our [meaning my children's] $100 [plumbing] mistake - but it's really really gross. I feel for you though. He's really cute - that counts for A LOT right? Damn it - YES IT DOES! [J/K]

  7. Wow! What a day you have had. I'm sure it makes no difference to you, but I was very entertained by that post. As I was reading it, I thought how easily we could swap our two year olds. I think it would feel like we had the same kids.

  8. I tried to make a comment a few days ago but I think my computer ate it.

    Lucas is one busy busy boy to get all that accomplished in one day. I think my favorite part is the trying to clean up the nail polish. So frustrating, yet sweet and innocent and crazy at the same time.

  9. Oh Rachel, if I could have given you a huge after this day, I would have. I have had those kinds of days myself, but couldn't muster the strength to be positive about it like you! On those days I think to myself, "HF made you cute so I wouldn't ring your neck!", while I'm cleaning up whatever happened. I know you're doing your best and you will be blessed for it!