Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fan of My Van

You might remember me mentioning I was in two car accidents on the same day over the Christmas break. The first was not my fault. The second one occurred on my way to the auto body shop for an estimate. What luck! Actually, it was great as far as accidents go. The guy, Scott B., who I slid into, was perfectly courteous and relaxed.

I don't really have any nice things to say about Debra J., who backed into me while I was driving out of the parking lot. So, let's just leave it at that. Well, I guess she is an insured motorists. That's about as much niceness as I can muster.

Our van has been at the shop getting damages fixed and I have been driving a rental. Which is not as nice. At all. And gets stuck on train tracks with traffic honking behind me. 

If I could have any car in the entire world, regardless of price, I would have the exact car that I do. I enjoy it that much—the automatic sliding doors, the built-in sun shades, plethora of cup holders, and on and on. I have been really missing my van, and just came across this funny post.  The author is discussing having a large family. Here's an excerpt:

I prefer the minivan (mine seats eight) because it has fourteen cupholders and doesn’t require a step-ladder to climb into. What? What’s that you say? Minivans are lame? So is having your child open his door into the vehicle next to you in the parking lot.

Hope that made you laugh like it did me. How about you, readers? Do you think minivans are lame?


  1. That is so funny. I use to have a mini van and my sweet husband bought me a suburban at my request a couple of years ago. Since having my suburban my kids have smashed into the car next to us more times than I can recall. I miss my mini van extremely. If only I had appreciated it when I had the chance.

  2. Britt is always telling me we need a Suburban or Excursion to pull our boat, but I am not excited about upsizing at all. I love my Honda Odyssey, even with the duck taped tail light it is sporting right now.

  3. I think minivans are perfect for families with children. Like it said, it's nice to know the kids won't open the door into the car next to yours in the parking lot. I think minivans just have a stigma and so people don't want them or groan when they get one. But, honestly, what better car for a family with kids? Heck, I'm thinking I may even want one and I don't have kids.

  4. I'm pretty sure I'd buy a Range Rover if money wasn't an issue.

    Until then, I'll let you enjoy the minivan (or the autobody shop for now...)

  5. Heck no! I love my van. While I'm still putting someone into a carseat, I have to have those sliding doors. No if's and's or but's about it. I'm totally with you on this.

    PS I'm sorry you won't be able to rub your head on my couch or carpet on Saturday. I know you were really looking forward to that.

  6. lame you ask? No
    do I want to drive one again? No
    will I EVER buy a dodge anything again? NO
    {I'm loving the cross overs right now}
    will I get one anytime soon? No.
    am I tired of saying, "kids, open the doors slowly so you don't hit the car next to you"? very.
    do I think you're cute as a button? Yes

    my funny story....I had my durango for 1 day when I parked next to a "low rider" that was really pimped - dark windows, designer paint, major hub caps...... I was getting andrew in his car seat (he was 2ish) and my heavy door swung open and hit this car & left a small scratch and dent in his black
    As I was shutting his door the kid who was like 17 w/ tatoos, piercings, etc... got out of his smokey car, walked over to me and said, "my WOMAN (16 yr. old at the oldest) said you hit my cah --- car for us who speak english --- then proceeded to show me a HUGE dent not even close to where my door hit. his "woman" gets out a bit nervous (she DID tattle on me) as I'm looking @ him like he's lost his mind - and then I have to show him where my door "hit". After standing there for a minute he looked at me, shrugged his shoulders, and got back in his car.
    He had my going - he and his woman got in the car and let me drive away - but all night I kept expecting to find my tires slashed the next day......
    sorry for the novel.

  7. I love my minivan! It's the best car we've owned since getting married.
    Prior to this one we drove a 1991 silver Dodge Grand Caravan which we lovingly dubbed The Old Grey Woman. So even Brice feels just fine about driving around in our 2006 mini!

  8. I love minivans. (I'd use an exclamation point there but I'm a little nervous stil. Hehe.) I dont love my minivan as much as I could because I wish it were newer, bigger, and had a few extras like automatic sliding doors. I LOVE that the kids can climb in and out by themselves and I can climb around inside too. And no crawling over seats to get to that third row.

    I even remember loving minivans when I was in elementary school and my grandparents bought one. My favorite part was that windshield wiper in the back. It just made me giggle.

  9. I thought I had already commented on this, but I guess not.

    The truth is... I used to think mini-vans were lame, until my two awesome older sisters got them.