Monday, December 22, 2008

2008 Top 10 Favorite Things

As a way to say goodbye to 2008, I thought I'd post a few top 10 lists this week. Up first: a list of favorite things I discovered in 2008.

1. Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer
A kiss of color and pearlized shine perk up their world famous 100% natural lip balm, while natural ingredients like vitamin E and coconut and sunflower oils moisturize and soothe your lips. Tastes like mint. My favorite shades: Cocoa andGuava.

2. Greek God's Honey Flavored Yogurt
Sweet, smooth, and creamy with a delicious honey taste. The only ingredients are milk, cream, sugar, honey, pectin and live cultures. Just don't read the label for the fat content.

3. Rusk Calm Nourishing Shampoo
If you have fine, thin hair like me, you will love this shampoo. It smells great and you can get it at Target. The best shampoo I've ever used. Formulated with protein extracts it gives hair a healthy, natural shine and helps maintain natural moisture and sheen. Ginger extract helps to maintain hair's moisture balance.

4. Shade Printed Cap Sleeve Herringbone Print
Too bad you can't see the print online. You'll just have to take my word for it. Great pattern in an unexpected medium, and on sale now for $9.99

5. MP3
mp3s for 20 cents, albums for 2 bucks. And they are not protected like mp4s from iTunes. Try it, you'll like it.

6. Progressive Auto Insurance
Friday I decided to play bumper cars with the minivan and had TWO car accidents. Progressive Insurance was not only $100 (!!!!) cheaper per month than Geico, I actually have a claim adjuster making calls all day long to get things rolling on an accident that wasn't even my fault. Awesome.

7. MÅLA Ikea's White Easel
For $24.99 you just can't find anything to compare. I cannot wait for Emma to get this from Santa this year. It has a chalkboard, white board and dowel for a paper roll. Killer deal.

8. KangaROOS
In third grade I had some ROOS with a zipper pouch. Now I am kicking it in these. One of the few styles from the 80's that I will support. I wear these almost everyday. They are cooler than your shoes. 

9. Icebreakers Restore Lemon-aid Pomegranate Mints
Don't let the word "mint" fool you. These are a delicious, tangy treat that I pop one in my mouth whenever I have a craving for something sweet. I have 15 boxes of them in my food storage. They have Zinc and Vitamin C in them and a rad container.

10. Spoonflower
Now you can print custom fabric on demand for only $18 a yard. Perfect for those super picky people like me.


  1. I love lists like this from people like you. (Can you imagine what my list would consist of?)

    Someone mentioned they might get they easel for Clara for her birthday, but they got her something else, so maybe next year Clara will be just like Emma.

  2. What a fun list to end the year. I might have to steal this idea.