Sunday, May 27, 2012

writing music

here's a great playlist for a summer road trip or a morning walk. me, i've been writing to this music for a while now, and i really love these songs. when i'm brainstorming or writing, i like a song that makes me think, or gives me some insight into a character's personality, or sets the mood, or maybe even makes me stop short and feel something i've been needing to.

i've left off some songs that you're probably already listening to and tried to include the stuff you might have missed.

if you're interested in the playlist, email me as usual.

1. Lost In The Light  |  Bahamas
2. Take A Walk  |  Passion Pit
3. Walking Far From Home  |  Iron & Wine
4. Is It Done  |  J Mascis
5. Vultures  |  Jess Mills
6. Twigs And Stones  |  Siskiyou
7. Red Red Rose (Demo)  |  The Weepies
8. Ho Hey  |  The Lumineers
9. Until We Bleed (With Lykke Li)  |  Kleerup
10. Get Gone  |  White Arrows
11. Crystalfilm  |  Little Dragon
12. Safer Than Love  |  Bell X1
13. Shake It Out  |  Florence And The Machine
14. Walk Away  |  Luminaires
15. Feeling Without Touching  |  Glass Candy
16. Will Do  |  TV On The Radio
17. The Myth Of Youth  |  Geographer
18. Just Breathe  |  Pearl Jam
19. Cut It Out  |  Kitten
20. In the Dark Unknown  |  Holcombe Waller


  1. Love your lists- Cant wait to listen to these!

  2. play list! play list! send it to me - you have my e-mail.

    and if you want the truth, with the title of this post, i was fully expecting you to announce that in addition to all your other projects, you were also writing (as in composing) music. i wouldn't have been surprised. :)

  3. You always have such interesting and eclectic lists. I haven't heard of most of these songs. Although, that doesn't mean much, because I don't know most songs by name or group. I just know them when I hear them, lol.

  4. please share? you make great playlists, and i need a new one. also accepting good suggestions for upbeat running music...