Thursday, December 1, 2011


sometimes, i wake up and say "i need to lose weight" or "i've been feeling sick/depressed/yucky lately" and i think it's time to overhaul my diet.

so i make a plan, which is usually something like this: TEN DAY JUICE FAST! i write out a grocery shopping list. it usually looks like this: TEN OF EVERY VEGETABLE IN THE WORLD. i realize it may be a little crazy, so i amend the plan in my mind.

three day juice fast.

now the shopping list looks a little more doable. but i have nothing to make juice in the house yet, so i eat a hard boiled egg, which tastes really good, so i amend my plan again:

three day juice fast plus EGGS. and maybe i'll add cottage cheese because protein is good right?

so i head out to the store, list in my purse. but by now i've grown hungry again and i pull out my list. i'm not sure i can live too long feeling ravenous. what was i thinking? i immediately change the plan to:

i will not buy hot chocolate or treats from starbucks, and i will not eat any sugar or anything after dinner. i will have a raw vegetable with every meal. i will not eat any white rice or flour.

i give myself a mental pat on the back. for lunch i buy raw spring rolls at the store. i think about how great i'm doing with this diet.

i get home and put all the produce in the fridge. i have to rest after doing this, but no sooner do i sit down then the kids are home from school and it's all: emma won't stop singing, and what's for snack, and i have to do this gigantic project by tomorrow and take me to dance and scouts and cello.

so when that's dealt with, it's a half hour past dinner time and i'm just getting started. i cook chili for the kids, but by the time we sit down for dinner, i know i can't muster up the energy to juice all my produce and also clean out the juicer, so i amend my plan again:

just eat what i fix for everyone else, but NO SUGAR. i mean it.

we get homework done and teeth brushed and scriptures read and prayers said. whew. i read in bed for awhile with the thought "cookie dough would really hit the spot" circling my mind like that adelle song plays on the radio. i toss and turn for an hour and a half.

throw off the covers.

make the dang cookie dough, and eat it while i look in the mirror and think "not too bad, not too bad at all."


  1. Love, love, LOVE this. I am so glad to call you my friend.

  2. My healthy eating plan never makes it past the think-about-it-then-laugh-uproariously-because-my-self-control-fits-in-a-teaspoon phase. But all that laughing burns calories, right?!

  3. Haaaaaa. We totally had hot chocolate for breakfast. It's cold and rainy here so why not? But with it we had whole wheat toast with almond butter. My idea of a balanced diet is to regularly eat super healthy with super crap. :)

  4. Thank you for your realness, it's like a breath of fresh air. If I could hug you through the computer I would :) Wait, I get to do it for real tomorrow, yay!

  5. I love this post. It's almost exactly what I go through. :) You're my hero!

    What's your recipe for your homemade hot chocolate? I want to try it out.

  6. Love, love this! But you left out the part about all that fantastic produce turning moldy in the fridge and having to be thrown out... :)

  7. sounds a lot like me too. atleast we try?

  8. This has made my day...I totally needed to hear this. My body has taken a beating the past year and I have not been kind to myself lately. Thank you. You rock.