Friday, July 22, 2011

gratitude day 21: summer


i love summer. lazy mornings, trips to the lake, garden produce, hours and hours of sunshine, eating outdoors, cool morning runs, flip flops, snow cones.

i am a summer girl.

here is a playlist to listen to whilst sipping a chilled beverage floating on a raft down a lazy river while bees hum decadently around summer wildflowers (or while scrubbing your kitchen floor and pretending that you are doing this). my favorite song is track #3, london, BEN HOWARD. i think this will be music week on my blog. i'm headed off right this moment for a 2-day writer's retreat, but when i get back i'll be sharing some more music and some of my favorite sources for discovering new talent.

hope you are all enjoying your summer. i am making the most of every minute. let me know if you'd like a mixtape ;-).

1. you were born / cloud cult
2. you for me / terra naomi
3. london / ben howard
4. first person / jenny owen youngs
5. more than life / whitley
6. replay / pezzettino
7. wessex boy / frank turner
8. i still remember / churchill
9. before i knew / basia bulat
10. okay (henslee version) / venice is sinking
11. old pine / ben howard
12. calgary / bon iver
13. the lion and the wolf / the lion and the wolf
14. not enough (album) / j mascis
15. lost in my mind (album) / the head and the heart
16. wonder why (album) / vetiver
17. already in love / exene cervenka
18. evelyn / gregory alan isakov
19. eet / regina spektor
20. psychasthenia / william fitzsimmons
21. we're from barcelona / i'm from barcelona
22. the very thought of you / billie holiday
23. les jours de pluie / les jours de pluie
24. think you can wait / the national
25. euphoria / motopony
26. you are the ocean and im good at drowning / phantogram
27. landfill / daughter
28. flaws / bombay bicycle club
29. low rising / swell season
30. middle distance runner / sea wolf
31. three tree town / ben howard
32. trouble / ray lamontagne
33. to build a home / the cinematic orchestra
34. strawberry swing / coldplay


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  2. I always love the music you share. Thanks for the fantastic tunes.

  3. I am a summer girl as well. It's hard being down here in the heat and wanting summer to end so I can go back outside, haha. So i guess I'm starting to become a Springtime girl. At least while I live in St George, that is!
    You are the coolest person I know. Of course I want a mix tape so I can pretend and be cool like you are! :)
    So glad your writers retreat went so well. I can't wait to read the final product.