Sunday, June 19, 2011

gratitude day 18: A father's love

I found it funny that when I posted a picture of my mother several posts back, some of you mentioned I look like her. I think I got all of my dad's physical genes, and most of his personality genes, too.

I think of these characteristics as the "german genes". I have his teeth [no cavities, yay!], his hair color, his physical build [no calf muscles], and his chin dimple. I once thought that I was as smart as him, but then we played a game of Trivial Pursuit and he put us all to shame. He knew every single answer but one. Every answer!

Also, I have inherited his trait of interrupting. And his debating skills. Sorry friends who have to communicate with me in real life. I am my father's daughter.

Thank you, Dad for being the hardest working man I know. Thank you for teaching me how to drive—that must have been really scary. Thank you for providing for me and trying your best to protect me. I wish I would have listened to you more. You always warned me and then stepped back to let me make my own choices.

Thank you, Dad for teaching me about the power of a father's love. Because of your example of unconditional love, I gained a greater understanding for the love my Heavenly Father has for me. I love you! Happy Father's Day.


  1. Aw, yeah. That picture is rad and makes me smile.

    I got Dad's body for sure (have you seen my legs??), but more of Mom's face. Personality? I think I'm a good little mix of both.

    Good post Rachel.

  2. Seriously, I keep coming back to this post like I'm staring at Leta. And please tell me why they stopped making shoes like that? Well, they still do, but they are expensive. They were affordable back then right?

    P.S. I like your dad too.

  3. Which one are you in this picture? Are you the younger one or the older one? I love the picture! And, I got most of my looks and personality traits from my dad too. So, you and I are in good company with each other. :)

  4. yeah, that totally looks like leta.

    i got dad's brilliance (right? right?) and definitely those legs too.

  5. I love trying to figure out where I get my personality from. Great post!