Wednesday, October 6, 2010

musical wanties

so many great albums out or coming out in the next weeks! here's a few i have my eye on.

arcade fire | the suburbs
ra ra riot | the orchard
the weepies | be my thrill
belle and sebastian | write about love (so excited for another album! i prelistened in npr and it's a beauty)
weezer | hurley (front man como has an english degree from harvard)
sufjan stevens: the age of adz (which sounds nothing like his previous stuff, but i love it somehow anyway)

what are you listening to?


  1. i am listening to Be My Thrill and loving it. you'll like it. :) I also like She & Him

  2. You have such an eclectic taste in music. I do too, but it's not nearly as eclectic as yours. I'm always interested in the music you listen to.

    Today, I've been listening to the Willow soundtrack. I love James Horner. His music is beautiful. I've actually been on a soundtrack kick as of late because I haven't listened to them for a while. I miss them and it's been fun reacquainting myself with them.

  3. PS - I just finished Speak. I'll be writing my review either tonight or some time tomorrow.

  4. I have some RaRaRiot remixes that I really like. Love Mr. Stevens & the new direction. Never been able to get into the Arcade Fire hysteria. Trent Reznor wrote the score for the Facebook movie & it is fantastic. John Legend & the Roots just put out a covers album (70s protest songs) that is out of sight! Hurts and Everything Everything released new 80s homage synth pop that is fantastic too.

  5. I am listening to silence (ahh, nap time) and when it's not nap time, pretty much nothing. Remember, I'm the pathetic one. :)