Monday, December 21, 2009

boy howdy: more gift ideas

My sister asks (speaking of the phrase "boy howdy"): When did that enter your vocabulary?

The answer: when I saw this amazing ad in my mailbox. I can't get my scanner to work, but BOY HOWDY, they have the same ads online here. Enjoy.

If you missed the chance to get these for Christmas this year, you could order now and then have them for next year. And tell me if you don't feel like saying "boy howdy" when you see these.

Item 1: Leather Hat. Notice the use of exclamation marks in the ad copy: Genuine Leather! Handsome! Crushproof! One size fits all! (So exciting!)

Item 2: Dog or Cat Wall Clock. Sure to become a household favorite! With wagging tails!

Item 3: Senior Discount Hat. Of course, I save the best for last. The cap that saves you money! Colorful embroidery! Cool!


  1. I wish Clara wasn't napping so I didn't have to stifle my laugh. Hilarious. Hilarious!!

    Four more days... Can not waaaait.

  2. You called it! Boy Howdy on all of them! Wow! I just can't stop typing these! Someone please stop me!

  3. boy howdy. did you get me the cat wall clock for my birthday tomorrow? i sure hope so.

    hurry up and get here already. and post a picture of your haircut too!

  4. It makes me laugh that stuff like this not only actually exists, but you know someone out there has one.